HypSci Spirals


Examples of Scientific HypnoticHypno Public Domain Spiral Resized Visuals (a.k.a. the Sci-Hyp™ Sample Spirals)

That endlessly twirling vortex of repetitious cycles, that ceaseless whirling pinwheel, the constant alternating pattern of black-white black-white black-white

black-white B-W B-W B-W

B-W B-W B-

(dare I say that it is ad infinitum?). An endless cyclic reality, the pattern persisting with the cyclic continuance within the very darkness of your mind when you try to look away; your very words seem to come back from whence they came as you try to explain it in full. We’ve virtually all seen these turn-table twisters at one point or another.

Now, while you may or may nor have an in depth understanding of Erotic Hypnotics, it would be a sure bet that you generally know what these Spinning Visuals are used for; or at least you believe that you do…

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But, just as everything else that occupies a portion of the vast expanse of Sex-Space, Eroticized Hypnotism, the Hypnotic Spirals & other Hypnotizing Visuals that-is, has a stunning degree of depth.
Example Hypnotics Spiraling Tri Wheel

Well, for depth above, it seems that we’ve made use of our multiplication tables in order to form a variant of the cliché Hypnotic Spiral. Truly is it a Hypnotic Spiral times three! Though if we look at it in a purely Hypnotics manner rather than as an active shape we would find that it goes much further than 3×; for example, the sandwiched layer of swirling Black-White is rotating, twirling, in opposition to the other two.
Scientific Erotic Hypnosis Sample

If the crazy coo-coo above looks familiar, it is because it should! It is not only one of my own creations, that of I, Miss Summers, but it is also the same clock used as the featured image for the other page concerning Hypnotic Spirals.

Even though you’d be correct if you said that you are seeing a pattern of increased complexity among the Ocular Hypnotics which I’ve been showcasing, it is not a pattern of concern for the here & now. The increasing variable which actually is the issue here is the Crazy aspect of the flailing clock. I am speaking of ‘CHAOS’!

Glass Hypnotic Brains

ˆ Linked Youtube video version is more complex than the original GIF ˆ

However, just as there is strict & meaningful order to the apparently chaotic activity ongoing within your mind at this very moment, every oddness which I inject into my Visuals is done with 100% intent & purposefulness. Remember, we’re dealing with the SCIENCE of Hypnotics here, and most sciences appear to be a room in the house of a Hoarder; yet there is order in all that clutter.

Below is merely an image (per se), not a GIF, so no, it isn’t frozen my Laptop-Lovers, nor have I forgotten to add a link for you Phone-Fanatics…

Scientific Hypnotic Spirals explanation diagram

While yes, I will be showing you a few tid-bits of the Visual aspect of Sci-Hyp™ (Scientific-Hypnotics), I am not going to be revealing the Institute’s Trade Secrets today. However, I will shine a light on the veil where you get to see an outline of what is behind it so-to-speak. I will show you the general principle behind many of the Scientifically-based Hypnotic Spirals & other Visuals employed here at the Samantha Summers Institute.

I hope that you’re curious enough to continue following me into the proverbial classroom that is awaiting you below…

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