Transvestite Therapy

Transvestism Training by a TV-Girl

Transvestism Therapy with TV TaraT

Are you curious about Cross-dressing? Just starting on Feminization? Touching Transvestism?

Or do you need help with dressing, aid with changing, or advice for anal-play?

Then who better to advise you than a True-to-Life TV-Girl?

The Samantha Summers Institute is proud to present the Smart & Sexy Miss Tara T.

Born a Boy, he is now the SHE who can aid you in many, if not most, of your Sissy, Feminization, or Transvestite needs. Tara has been-there & done-that, so she is more than capable when it comes to giving you advice concerning your Trans-Gender journeys, whether they be routine travels or your very first test-drive. From one end to the other of Dressing & Dating in your Alter-Ego or True-Self, Tara is Available to Aid you along the Path to your Psychosexual Perfection!

Below is Tara’s personal page on Niteflirt®, where you can message her or call her for 1-on-1 TV-Therapy:

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