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You may want your Hot & Sexy Wife to be Slutty, but you don't want her to be Cheap, and there is a difference. You yearn for her to be picked up in a singles' bar by some hot stud, not sitting in an alley waiting for some stung-out wino. Wanting a Slutty wife doesn't mean that you want a Skanky wife. She's a "Hotwife" after all... not a Hoe-wife. So why would you want your Hot Ass Wife to be plastered all over the slimy internet for free, being used like some coupon-honoring hooker?

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Here at the Exclusive Hotwife House of the SSI, your Hotwife is safeguarded from being spread around the net like some cheap communal cup. Only those who truly want to take a peek at your little piece of Heaven will see and not those just who endlessly surf the web looking for anything & everything from babes to bees.

So far the Hotwife Lounge Contains:

4 Wives!

2 Girlfriends!

57 total Photos!

Hotwife Lounge Entrance Instructions.

Method #1: Go to to submit you own Hotwife.

Method #2: PUBLIC ACCESS PTV: Click the following button to gain access to the Lounge for only $9.99* 

*Note: Access to the Lounge is UNLIMITED for the person who obtains entrance. However, this access price will increase as the number of Hotwives increases!


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