Loser Loader Lite

Now comes the time

for your Humiliation to Shine!

In other words, it is time for your PROOF PIC!!

And here you have two choices…

  • 1) For our LOSER-LOADER CAM-CAPTURER, in which you need a device with a Camera obviously, click HERE.
  • 2) Or, continue your feeble attempts to control all aspects of your so-called Submission, and go pick-your-pic HERE.


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(Your possible career in showbusiness has capsized before even getting started!)

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I (hereinafter referred to as the “Client” and/or “Consumer”), who am the sole and rightful owner, and sole known user, of the Niteflirt® member account on www.Niteflirt.com with the present name stated above, for, with, and in consideration of my interaction/engagement as a Consumer of Psychosexual (both psychologically and physically) Erotic-Humiliation Services of those services provided by the Independent Phone Sex Operator presently known as Therapist Samantha Summers™ (hereinafter referred to as the “Humiliatrix” and/or the “Provider”), hereby give the Provider, her representatives, those acting upon her authority, and those acting with her permission (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Users”), the absolute right and permission to copyright, use, reuse, publish, post, display, exhibit, showcase, print and reprint in advertising , publicity &/or promotional material, magazines, books, &/or any other media, or for any other purposes, the photograph(s) heretofore submitted via an Uploader offered by the Samantha Summers Institute per the form in with this agreement is connected, or sent on this day, or hereafter sent, and for which I have been the lone individual therein the concerned photograph(s), including without limitation, reproductions thereof of which I may be included in whole or in part. The words “Photograph”, “Photographs”, “Video”, and “Videos”, as used herein this release shall refer to any and all types of still photography, which also includes screenshots, snapshots (via Webcam, Device Camera, or similar), all types of video, and/or any other device by which images can be projected, transmitted, displayed or played back, illustrations, portraits made from photographs, pictures, designs, paintings, and drawings of every kind and nature. I hereby waive any & all rights to inspect or to approve the photographs/videos or the editorial or advertising copy or printed material that may be used by the Provider and the Users in conjunction therewith, and further waive any claim that I may have with respect to the eventual uses to which it may be applied. Such photographs/video may be used in the sole discretion of the Provider and the Users, with or without my name/alias or with a fictitious name or with my submitted member account name, and with fictitious or accurate biographical material, alone or in conjunction with any other material of any kind or nature. I hereby affirm that the Provider and the Users may make any alterations of their choosing to the photographs/videos of concern including, but not limited to, changes in size, color, or format, any and all artistic license, or the similar. I hereby release, discharge, and agree to save, harmless, not responsible, and not liable, the Provider and/or the Users, of any and all legal or similar repercussions, consequences, occurrences, or similar in connection with the use of such photographs/videos and/or their publication, posting on the internet, circulation via social media, and/or similar. I hereby affirm that I understand that I am not due any financial compensation for the concerned photographs being used by the Provider or the Users. I further affirm that, at the time of signing hereinafter, I am the sole and complete holder of all rights of said photographs/videos and have the absolute right to relinquish said rights over to the Provider and to the Users. I further affirm that I understand that in signing this release hereinafter that the Provider, and the Users, will immediately, and without further action, receive all rights to said photographs/videos without any limitations upon said rights. I further affirm that I am twenty-one (21) years of age or older, and that I was eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time the photographs/video were taken. I further affirm that I have provided valid and correct proof of age via my use of the Debit/Credit Card age-verification system made available by Niteflirt®. I further affirm that I am, and have not, misrepresented my identity, nor have given incorrect or deceitful information, herein or heretofore to the Provider, to the Users, or to Niteflirt (concerning their age-verification system). I further affirm that I have read the entirety of this Release Agreement, understood all parts hereof, and were legally competent at such time, prior to signing hereinafter, and am legally competent at the time of signing this release. I further affirm that I have not been induced, coerced, or the like, to sign hereinafter by any action, representation, or statement made by the Provider, any of the Users, or anyone acting on her Behalf. Furthermore, I understand that I am required by 18 U.S.C. § 2257 and 28 C.F.R. Part 75 to keep records that are immediately accessible which determine my legal name and my date of birth. Despite transferring copyright ownership to the Provider, I affirm that I retain the responsibilities of the aforementioned laws. In order to be compliant with said statutes, I have given a valid email address herewith this agreement via which I may be contacted in regards to the aforementioned legal obligations. In making the decision to actively use the file uploading button(s) below, you certify, under governing law, that you are legally entitled to upload and transfer all copyrights without limitations, other than those aforementioned herein, to the Samantha Summers Institute. Furthermore, concerning any/all sexually explicit content uploaded or submitted, you certify that any/all persons/models/individuals visible therein, whether identifiable or not, were at least 21 years of age at the time of production (regardless of the time of upload or alteration), and that you have or have immediate access to records/documentation if & as required by United States Code 18, Section 2257 and 2257A.

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