D/s Test – Submission Exam

The D/s Spectrum Evaluation

“Which side do you stand on?”

Sexual Submissive Spectrum by the Samantha Summers InstituteD/s“, a commonplace abbreviation throughout Fetishistic Circles, stands for “Dominant” (or “Domme”) and “submissive“; both being in the Sexual role & behavioral sense of the words. It goes without saying why the ‘D’ is usually capitalized, while the ‘s’ stays shrunken…

Despite being called the “Submissive Spectrum”, this production of the Samantha Summers Institute is for everyone. However, this being the case is not only because if it was said to be solely for those who are Sexually Submissive, then the issue arises of who really is Submissive (in addition to those that are confused, and those who deem themselves as “Switches”, in ‘switching’ from Submissive to Dominant and back again). Rather, in addition to such, it is for Everyone because it aims to measure either side of the Spectrum (hence the reason behind calling it a two-dimensional ‘Spectrum’, or ‘Scale’, rather than merely Measuring a one-sided ‘Level’ or ‘Degree’). This is not just some meter where you either do or don’t score high enough to be labeled a ‘Sub.’

As you would come to expect from us at the S.S.I., this Evaluation goes dives deep into your desires in manners which are both unique & telling. While arousal is one goal here, so is accuracy!

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Are you a “True Submissive”? Find out if you truly are, or aren’t, via this conclusive diagnostic. Including 4 appropriate photos of me, 4 pages of diagnostics, and a full page answer, you shall know if you can deem yourself as being one or not. So, click and see to better ‘Know Thyself’. ~Therapist Samantha Summers

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This 5 Step series of assignments is the first flight of stairs that are ascending the upside-down tower of Subservience through Service, Skill and Subversion. Whether you are (or rather wish to be) Sexually-Submissive, Logically-Loyal, or Socially-Submerged, this lot of seven Interactive Tasks is an integral start (if not an imperative prerequisite). It would be proper that you consider these tasks as your beginning of becoming a Sub. –Therapist Samantha Summers™ (your Trainer, Teacher, Therapist & Mistress)

NOTE: Each portion of the “Assigning Assignment” is interactive and is accessed on the Web.

(You may also find further Submission-based PTV’s at our “Submissions” section HERE.)

Now, getting back to this Submission [and beyond] Project presently at hand; or, rather, this Erotic-Evaluation embedded beneath this page…

It consists of several portions (or sections), all of which are included in this project as a single package. Thus, once you obtain your necessary Access Authorization immediately following purchase, you will be able to complete this test from Start to Finish. And, yes, as this is not some FinDom-based item with hopes to rip you a proverbial ‘new one’ in the guise of a Rip-Off Fetishist’s forte, you will also get your results at the end (in that those results are herein included).

In order to participate in this Sexological Study, which doubles as a viewing glass giving a better understanding of your own Psycho-Sexual Nature, click the following image:

Submissive Scale Test (Copyrighted by the Samantha Summers Institute)


Every portion of this project has been tested for bugs or conflicts, and is compatible with Laptops, Desktops, iPhones, iPads, Androids and more. However, if any issue is encountered at any point during the exam, please let us know immediately via our Contact Form located HERE.

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