Food Fetishes

Food Fetish

“The Erotic form of Food Play”

Food Fetish Breasts - WatermelonsLately there has been ignorant & hateful talk about the Food Fetish being the main Sexuality of the Morbidly Obese. While some who are overweight may have a Food-based Fetish, this type of talk has become a blight on Food Fetishists. To say that the Food Fetish is merely an Eroticization of Eating is, to be blunt, an idiotic oversimplification and just shows the person’s lack of understanding (yet they probably don’t care to understand and would probably say that their degrading remarks are being taken too seriously).

But, their lame fat jokes aside, what is Food Fetishism?

As with virtually all Sexual Fetishes, the Food Fetish is broaddiversecomplex, and difficult to narrow down to a simple definition. One could say that Food Fetishism is a Sexuality focused on the incorporation of Food-Stuff, but this would take away from the inherent complexity previously stated. It often incorporates other Sexual Fetishes, hence it being also broad, and it is likewise often focused on specific combinations of scenarios or activities; thus, diverse.

While it can be, Food Fetishism is not often a Sexual Attraction to Food. Some call it the Sexual Side of the act of Food-Play. While this is often true, Food Play isn’t a prerequisite for someone’s Sexuality to be said to incorporate the Food Fetish. You can see why I am having an obvious issue with defining it. It is easier to break down the Fetish into categories, though they often overlap.

Woman Covered in Custard - Food Fetish ExampleFirst, we can break Food Fetishism down into those focused on the actual Consumption of Food and those centered rather on other manners of Interaction with Food. But, as said earlier, you’ll easily find that these categories merge into one another. For instance, some have a Fetish surrounding a Woman sucking on a Popsicle, or licking a Lollipop, but it is not just about the woman eating the phallic edible, it is also about how the woman eats it; how she wraps her lips around that long icy stick, how she sensually flicks her tongue along the tip with a drop of liquid flinging from her sloppy wet tongue, and how her plump lips shine & glean after becoming wet from her warm mouth slowly sliding up and down the shaft.

But when it comes to this distinctive differentiation, the difference is in the activity or the inactivity. When it comes to doing stuff with Food other than eating it, this often goes with the Food sub-fetish known as “Wet & Messy Fetishism“, which is a Fetish in and of itself. This usually involves getting wet & messy with gooey, slimy, drippy food products; hence the name of the Fetish. A woman (or man, or both) getting drenched in warm milk, pouring chocolate syrup all over her supple breasts, slathering her apple ass in pudding, or spraying whip-cream to cover her otherwise naked pussy. These are but a glimpse into this sort of Food Fetishism.

Sploshing - Food Fetish - Woman gets PiedWith this manner of sexual enjoyment also comes “Sploshing“; a “Sensation Play” side of the Food Fetish. Sploshing, as its name implies, involves the slathering of someone with a Food Substance to such an extent that it tends to cause a sploshing sound as they move about. This can be done simply by using an excessive amount of something like honey, or by doing a specific act like “Pieing” someone, which is pretty self explanatory.

Sploshing can also include Squish-Play, where someone squishes Food such as Cake, either with their Feet, Butt, or some other body part; which can likewise make that squishy-ish sploshing sound. Thus, even sub-fetishes of Food Fetishism have their own sub-categories, which can be Fetishes of their own.

Food Fetish - Messy Food Play

The simple act of a Woman (or Man) licking or sucking some Whipped Cream off of their finger can be deemed part of the Food Fetish, and it may be the primary Fetish for some people. Having a Food Fetish may entail just something such as this and not include any other aspects or sub-fetishes of the Fetish. Just as the Fetish itself is varied, Food Fetishists each have their own specific variants and indulge in the Fetish to widely varying degrees. Many people may have a Food Fetish and not even realize it until they think about the details of their sexuality.

For some, a Food Fetish may consist, in part or in whole, of an article of Food representing a Sexual Organ. A simple, and blatant, example would be a Sausage symbolizing a Penis; where a woman or man, like with the Popsicle or Lollipop, runs their mouth up and down the length of the sausage, maybe even gagging on it a bit, simulating Oral Sex on a Man. Another example would be a Taco or Hamburger mimicking Female Genitalia; as I’m sure you’ve either heard of or have seen at one time or another, same as sausages, hot dogs, or bananas as a Man’s Privates.

Woman Sucking on a Banana simulating Oral Sex

Allow me to clarify a question that may pop into your head… Merely becoming aroused by watching someone dissolve a Popsicle between their moaning lips doesn’t mean that you have a Food Fetish, nor does it mean that you’re a Food Fetishist; just as someone getting turned on from handing money over to a prostitute doesn’t inherently mean that they are into the Fetish of Financial Domination. 

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