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Small Penis Humiliation Prescription - SSI Rxxx

If you are instead looking for the “SPH Measurement Evaluation“, which is another program created here by Therapist Samantha Summers, see …/fetishes/erotic-humiliation/sph.

SPH Size Prescription from the Arousing Offices of Therapist Samantha Summers

The Pseudo-Medical subject of “Underdeveloped Penises”, that-being below average sized Cocks per-se, has ironically been a matter of quite lengthy debate and wide ranging focus both in & out of the Andrology Community. Dare we say that it has actually been quite the Androgynous issue, in that a firm foundation (or, rather despite the pun, ‘a firm pillar‘) for this matter in order for a proper right & a proper left to be compared to has as of yet to be laid. —To put it another way… It would be quite problematic for a group of people to Judge a BEST BREASTS OF BRITAIN contest if, right from the get go, they strongly disagree on what criteria they are supposed to be judging, whether or not the Boobies should be bare or not, if Implants (no matter how expensive) should add or take away from the scoring, and are even at odds as to whether it should be confined to Women’s Breasts or also include Man-Titties… Yes, it would be pretty difficult. Wouldn’t you agree? …well, of course you’d agree. (That would be one Ghost Town of a winner’s circle.) Similarly is the situation concerning the subject of Sex-Stick-Sizes.

Bringing an itsy bitsy bit more of ‘Medical‘ into this much-more-than-muddied field within Sociopsychophysiosexology, the SSI, with Therapist Summers taking the project’s proverbial reins, has proactively brought a proper prescription to the potentially afflicted segment of the Male populace. As most methods made available here at the SSI are ones pushing for participation, this project at hand is most definitely a Hands-On program of a psychosexual nature.

Prescribed Paraphilic Penis Size Measurement Pay-to-ViewThis psychosexual prescription, nicknamed the “SSIzer“, is made up of two main portions. The first being a 15+ Q&A section containing multiple-choice, short-answers, multiple-selections, number-pickers, and simple ‘yes‘ or ‘no‘ questions concerning your personal specifics; with some semi-erotic visuals in between. Part II concerns dropping your drawers and whipping out the long, stiff, solid… Ruler; followed by a second shorter series of questions (no pun intended). This latter portion also contains a pornographic clip for those needing a little nudge in order to follow through with specific parts of the Prescription.

‡ The Question section contains several conditional questions which, depending on your given answer, may or may not bring about another question pertaining to your response which would otherwise go unseen. (They are not Questions with Video Clips for choices, so there’s no need to give every answer to every question in order to trigger those conditionals.)

Whenever you’re ready for your proper Paraphilic Prescription (as one of our Special ℞xx™ Aides) concerning your possible, if not probable, SPH issue, click the glowing image to receive your script and go & get it filled…

Calling it ‘Pseudo-Medical’, we are referring to the subject’s points-of-concern generally being issues outside of Medical Matters, while what should be that focal-point, which is the possible Urological complications, usually go unheard.

Once you have obtained the necessary access phrase for this project, you may enter it in the field below:

(DEVICE COMPATIBILITY NOTICE: This Project makes complex use of Javascript & Client-side Cookies. While its programs can function without Cookies being enabled by you, if you do not have Javascript Enabled for this page, and subsequent pages, most of this Product’s functionality will irreversibly fail. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you visit our complimentary Compatibility Tester prior to purchase, which can be located here: samanthasummersinstitute.org/ssi-extras/ptv-pr. While the Testing-page contains sections for multiple checks, you only need to validate Javascript for this present PTV.)

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