FinDom Maxims

The FinDom Maxims


The 1st of the FinDom Maxims is now available for purchase via Niteflirt®!!

BUY button FinDom Thumb for Financial Domination Maxims #1 PTV (PPV) - Non-affiliate NF linkIncludes a 4 minute animated video explaining the Maxim and is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Click on the image below for more information and/or to obtain the new PPV (Pay-per-Verse).

NOTICE: If you are an active Flirt being hosted on, you can receive this PTV for Free. Simply contact “Therapist Samantha Summers” on Niteflirt® via your Flirt account and you will be given gratis access to the video ASAP thereafter. (This is not a statement of guaranteed delivery.)

Also, recently released, is my “The Eroticism of Quantitative Easing” Erotic-Informational Mp3, which is similar to a FinDom Maxim in its message and in its manner…

theee-of-the-ssi-428bcd Finally, “Quantitative Easing” can now be understood, and it makes perfect, absolutely perfect, sense; paving the way for Absolution. This 5 minute MP3 Explains Everything, but in an Eroticized and Simple Manner for your o’ so Silly Little Brains. ~ Miss Samantha Summers

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