In black & white, Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique. Hypnotherapy can be used to help with a myriad of things, and because sexuality is extremely diverse & complex, it can often be used for sexual issues. Now one of the most common sexual issues is psycho-sexual conflict. These therapeutic techniques are thus used to help patients deal with these conflicts; to bridge the gap between the desire and the fear.

Hypnotic Advice

Sometimes you just need a bit of advice, and I am here to give you that advice. Having trouble with your fetishes? Taking issue with your sexuality? Conflicted about your masturbation? Then this advice is specially for you. I am going to take you under and implant my advice deep within your subconscious; planting a seed in the most primal portion of your unconscious. With this 18 minute piece of Erotic Hypnotherapy, you will receive my advice on your animalistic eroticism.

This multilayed audio also directs you to use a Hypnotic Spiral that you can find below.

Click on the image below in order to obtain this special Hypnotherapy Audio for only $7.99 and then use the Hypnotic Spiral beneath while you listen:

Erotic Hypnosis Sex Therapy JOI

Below is the spiral to be used in conjunction with the “Advice” Hypno Audio.

Click the image once you start the Mp3 and stare once directed:

hypnotherapy spiral - hypnodomme hypnosis


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