Erotic Humiliation


Humiliation” itself is argued, both scientifically and psychologically, to be the most intense emotion that people experience; more deeply felt than love, and even loss. The occurrence of Humiliation can spark enormous reactions, such as intense and enduring hatred and rage; more wars having been waged in response to humiliation than any other form of emotion-sparked conflicts. Being the most powerful of emotions, it is of little surprise that it has merged into the sphere of sexuality to quite a large extent.

The Psychosexual Paraphilia (Fetish) of “Erotic-Humiliation” is that mixture; where humiliation & sexual pleasures are felt simultaneously. As with many Fetishes, Erotic-Humiliation is diverse & covers numerous, more specified, eroticisms.

One could argue, and most certainly hold firm in such a debate, that the Eroticised side of Humiliation has more dimensions, layers, and branches than the Emotional one.

These range from Small Penis Humiliation (ex. “you said that you and Tyrone double-penetrated Lisa, but Lisa told me that she only felt Tyrone in her”) to Racial Humiliation (ex. “hello… you’re Caucasian; outsmarted by Asians, outworked by Hispanics and out-fucked by Africans”), from Public Humiliation (ex. “Hey everyone listen up… we finally got Joe laid… and he didn’t even realize that he popped his cherry in a Tranny’s asshole”) to Lifestyle Humiliation (ex. “he’s a swinger and I think he has to drag his wife away from the better guy each time”). Virtually anything about someone can be linked to Erotic-Humiliation (examples would include, “Oh my, you tie your shoes like some limp-wristed fairy” and “Amber, this guy is so hygienic about things that I bet he dusts off his dick before jerking off” and “you only like burgers because they remind you of the pussy you seen in porn that you can’t get”).

Amongst the sub-categories of Erotic-Humiliation is one which has its own divisions, that self-standing sub-Fetish being “Loser Humiliation.” In such, the person takes pleasure in the general humiliations of being laughed at, being verbally abused, being actively ignored, etc. While such acts of humiliation occur with most forms of Erotic-Humiliation, here it is focused on such and is targeted at the person’s general state of being (or feeling) below-average as a person. Enjoying Humiliation would have been seen as an oxymoron in the past, but now it is understood to easily go hand-in-hand.






* Though, to be fair, while being statements of bigotry, hate, racism, ignorance, intolerance, and, open-endedly, as ‘Heartless’ words, there are many others who obtain arousal, excitement, and, to be blunt, sheer sexual satisfaction from the Eroticised examples emboldened above.

† There starting paragraphs were originally written & published on July 20th of 2014 by Therapist Samantha Summers™ @ {Link no longer available.}

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