Debt Designers 2.0

The Debt Designers 2.0

FinDom Tri¢ks of a Different $ort

by Therapist Summers & her Acquaintance$

Debt Designers 2.0 Financial Domination Tricks of the Dominatrix (FinDom traps of a different form)


Great for beginners! Unsure about starting therapy with me? Or are you just unsure about whether you have an exploitable fetish at all? This simple package contains a sample list of rules and requirements that a Financial Dominatrix might use. This is based on extensive research of the most effective methods of ensuring ongoing male compliance. Review the list and see if you could imagine following such rules. If you could, and especially if you find that thought erotic, then you may need therapeutic guidance from me. I am here to help.

~Therapist Samantha Summers

Public Domain Image euro-641912_1280 (Debt Designing Financial Domination Therapy)

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Just a small fact in FinDom:

Seeming that time is money, many Financial Dommes make “Raise the Rate” their Tool of Choice.

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