Dopaminergics: Lesson #1 of Therapist Samantha Summers’ “Sexy Science of Sex™”


An original explanation of Dopamine & Sex

Dopamine doesn’t just spark desire. It drives you, dares you, and directs you to do… things.

Dopaminergics of the SSI

Yup, that’s your brain going bonkers up there… and yet it still manages to work wonders!*

(*Second part may not apply to you… probably not… Let’s be honest; it doesn’t apply to you.)

Free Dopamine Driving Previews:

(Preview pages are not identical to those of the full lesson, and are lower resolution than those in the full version.) Preview(1)ONE of Dopaminergics Preview(2)TWO of DopaminergicsPreview(3)THREE of Dopaminergics Preview(4)FOUR of Dopaminergics Preview(5)FIVE of Dopaminergics Preview(6)SIX of Dopaminergics   The full Dopamine lesson includes:

  • 12 total pages (all as image files for easy accessibility)
  • Over 80 individual images for visual explanation
  • All visuals are explained in an understandable manner
  • All parts of the lesson can be downloaded
  • All pages are high resolution for easy viewing


The full lesson is available for purchase (and immediate viewing/download) through Niteflirt® for only $0.99 (USD) via the following link/button:

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