Consensual Blackmail

The Consensual Blackmail Fetish

Trickery in the Tempting world of Erotic Consensual Blackmail

“The Psychosexual Fetish where Power, Pleasure, Danger, Desire, Law, and Lust are all inherent.”

Following is an introduction to the Sexual Fetishism commonly known as “Consensual Blackmail.”

(For a list of Erotic Blackmail-based Contracts offered by the S.S.I. SEE THIS PAGE.)

Blackmailing Dominatrix on the ProwlBlackmail[1] itself is an illegal & criminal act which is punishable on the federal level (“the action, treated as a criminal offense, of demanding money from a person in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information about that person”). On the other hand, “Consensual Blackmail” is not criminal, nor illegal, in & of itself (despite being looked upon with a general overcast of contempt by the legal community[2]). Consensual-Blackmail, which can also go by Erotic-Blackmail (i.e. Eroticized Blackmailing), is in most cases a Psychosexual Fetish used for adult entertainment, sexual activities, arousing role-plays, et cetera. When Consensual-Blackmail becomes just Blackmail, and vice versa, is a land filled with debate.Conduit Blackmailing Contracts at the Samantha Summers Institute The line between Legal Blackmail & Illegal Blackmail, if there even happens to be one per-se, is not only thin, but it also extremely blurred –clouded to such an extent that it can make one wonder if the entire Fetish is beyond the so-called ethical-line. There is no legal definition for Consensual Blackmail, nor is there a standardized (or generally accepted) definition for it. Most, as an overwhelming majority, of those who go by the title of a “Blackmailing-Dominatrix” fail to present a clear or meaningful meaning for their specialty. However, the Samantha Summers Institute™ (SSI) has adopted an unofficially accepted definition for this growing Sexual Fetishism. That current definition of “Consensual Blackmail” per the SSI is:

The act (generally concerning entertainment) of a person giving another person (or people) written (or verbal) permission to release (disclose) sensitive (potentially damaging) information (concerning the prior person), and/or agreed upon falsehoods/embellishments (concerning the prior person), if previously agreed upon actions (terms) are not met by the person (concerning the information).

–As defined by Nathaniel Kagan of the S.S.I.-F.D. in October of 2013.

Eroticized Consensual Blackmail Animation of Extreme Blackmail-based Contract (all rights are reserved by the Samantha Summers Institute)Despite this definition, the S.S.I. notes that the term “Consensual Blackmail” itself is an erroneous one, and that such needs to be publicly modified before any definition will be universally accepted. Such ideology is mainly held concerning the word “Consensual” in the term.[3] The SSI states that to use such a word in relation to the Fetish in question would be equivalent to the act of one having sex with someone else who is experiencing temporary psychosis (“Brief Psychotic Disorder”) being deemed as a “consensual” act.[4] In stating that, the SSI is speaking, in part, of someone’s lessened mental capabilities due to psychosexual arousal, externally-caused intoxication, confusion through excitement, lack of legal knowledge &/or counsel, not having comprehension of concerned terminology, implications &/or risks, etc. around or during the time which they give their supposed consent/permission to another.[5] Consensual Blackmail variant: Contractual Budgeting (property of the SSI) - Blackmail Phonesex Due to the aforementioned, both the SSI and the NSG generally, though unofficially, use the term “Erotic Extortion” in place of ill-named “Consensual Blackmail.” As the use of a term which is generally unknown to the public can cause unwanted confusing, the SSI & NSG often use the term “Erotic-Blackmail” in publicly distributed publications, classes, seminars, and the like. However, such replacement terms are temporary and are planned on being adequately & semi-permanently replaced in the future.Consensual Blackmail CBMC example-styled pic While it is quite commonly realized that “Consensual” & “Blackmail“, when put together, is an oxymoron; though not spoken of frequently, so are “Blackmail” & “Contract“, being connected as the contradictions of Legal & Illegal. Yes, when apart from one another, we find them in opposing corners of the legal boxing ring; but with a merging of two words often simultaneously comes redefinition (or at least an alteration of their meanings & linguistic weights). The problem with such is that the public at large are going to be at odds with such a turn-about sort of term.

Footnotes & References:

[1] Black·mail: n. “extortion or coercion by often written threats esp. of public exposure, physical harm, or criminal prosecution” (Merriam-Webster’s dictionary of law. Merriam-Webster. 1996. pp. 634. ISBN 978-0-87779-604-6).

[2] Consensual Blackmail deemed as being of “Questionable Legality” by such. (In other words, Consensual Blackmail generally occupies a proverbial Gray Area within the world of Law.) In addition to sitting on a questionable border between legal & criminal, Consensual Blackmail (both the Fetish as a whole, and the individual services provided by Adult Entertainers, Fetishists, etc.) teeters on a weak board between the proverbial lands of Morality & Social Acceptability.

[3] However, the SSI furthermore holds to the thought of the word “Blackmail” itself being problematic (see the definition for the English word of “Extortion”).

[4]Thus the first prerequisite for consent is one having conscious-awareness of one’s Self (i.e. someone’s Will, or their so-called Nature). Psychologist Carl Jung titled this psychological state as “Ego-Consciousness”. With our current knowledge of the human mind (brain), this threshold into Ego-Consciousness, for females, would be approximately between the ages of 19 & 24. Men (males), whose frontal lobes (Neocortex) develop slower, would have the line around the age of 25. The exact age depends upon the individual for both men & women. (Personally, my threshold age was mid-21.) Because consent is being based sternly around the Ego-Conscious, one can give verbal consent with a “yes”, but the consent would not be actual if they are yet to pass the threshold. This Ego-Conscious threshold can be dove underneath after being ascended. This can be caused via narcotics or mental degradation. But one could also be underneath it at a specific moment due to certain actions, emotions, thoughts, etc. Examples are explanation and so let me explain through example. There is a woman who is a “prostitute”, i.e. she is paid for acts of sexual gratification. She is mentally & physically addicted to a narcotic (let’s say Heroin). She works as a prostitute in order to pay for the addiction. Thus when she steps over to an open car window, she is doing so because her body yearns for the narcotic and her mind is clouded (sunk below the threshold) by such yearning & the hope not to have the pain of withdrawals. So even though she initiates the act, voluntarily does the act, understands the reason for the act & takes the payment, because she is below the threshold, she is not giving actual consent. Thus the “John” should be charged with [negligent criminal action] in such incidents.” –“The Book of Life: The Law from Life’s Lips”, Chapter 14 (“Our Nanny Nature”), unfinished/dormant project, written in 2010 by several members of the N.S.G. (via S.S.I. pen-names).

[5] The S.S.I. holds that “surety” of one’s ability to give “consent” as being “unquestionably” of “competency” is virtually impossible. However, the S.S.I. states that the only “surety” is the “FOE™” (discovered in 2008): Formula of Existence (for Consensual Blackmail page) - READ ONLY PERMISSIONS©. (Copyrights Legal Notice: “0^0+((∞^∞ )+(√(∞&-1)))=√(N&Y)” is the copyrighted formula discovered, created & formulated by the current head of the SSI-FD, Nathaniel Kagan. Both forms thereof have been reproduced herein with proper permission having been given by the aforementioned intellectual property-rights holder.)

Consensual Blackmail and Erotic Extortion Consequence Example Pic (all rights reserved by the Samantha Summers Institute) - Jason Blutzki is a fictitious name not based on anyone, living or dead


  1. Thank you for this article, though I feel slightly more confused than I was previously I also have learned terms that will be more useful while researching this kink. My boyfriend recently mentioned he was interested in trying this out, and so I’m studying into it a bit before we actually experiment with it. It seems interesting and would definitely overlap with general dommination, humiliation, and exhibitionism/voyerism stuff I’m already intom but because of the fine lines I definitely would want to study a bit first. I usually can just google videos of the stuff he mentions, but due to the concern for accidentally uncovering unconsented videos of individuals I wanted to make sure I started by reading up on things. I actually do believe I’ve seen some work related to this kink reposted on tumblr out of context (before the porn ban), so this is definitely insightful even outside of my own bedroom. Thank you so much Miss Summers, I hope you have a fun night!

  2. think its is dangerous and exiting

  3. Probably all the questionable legal issues can be resolved online. It might require multiple separated requests with each request being preceded by an informal IQ assessment, age assessment, and condition assessment.

  4. blackmail me please, so much my wife shouldn’t know about.

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  7. so you are saying that if person writes you a note that allows you to shoot him in the head it makes it legal , [–profanity removed–] , lets see what FBI thinks about all this …. nice is it not

    • Therapist Summers

      Hello Anonymous. While I would have chosen better verbiage, it is a good question. No, it would not make it legal and nor do I ever make such an assertion. Putting something into a contract which would require the signer to commit a crime, such as in your blunt example, would be illegal and thus invalidate the contract right then and there. I never put illegal actions into my contracts and so they remain legal. Because the person is legally agreeing to the activities, it is NOT blackmail and thus the contracts do not violate that principle. Erotic (Consensual) Blackmail is NOT Blackmail. Oh, and I have done as your email address says (rereadthelawbooks). I hope this helps to clarify the issue.

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  10. Have u outed ppl that have disobeyed ur contracts, if any have? Thx

  11. I’m interested in signing up for consensual blackmail.

  12. To the copyright holder of (Therapist Samantha Summers)…

    I am writing some articles on consensual blackmail and other fetishes and wanted to know if I can use it on in a wiki article?

    I cannot find anything that would fit the article like that. I must be forthright though that I wouldnt be able to pay for use. Sorry. THanks in advance.

    • Therapist Summers

      Thank you for your compliments concerning the image in question; in addition to your interest in said photo & in the Fetish(es) in general for that matter.
      I see that it is an ‘up-and-coming’ wiki which you had referenced, but I feel that the image would be appropriate. However, I am intrigued in regards to what you shall write concerning this Fetishism; especially due to many articles on the topic being erroneous or asque.
      But, in response to your request, “yes” you have my documented permission to use the image file noted (which is attached herein this page) located at (with the digital fingerprint located at: for the sole use as a visual example pertaining to the Psychosexual Paraphilia of Consensual Blackmail on the website of with visible attribution linking back to this statement of allowance.
      As I am admittedly rather anal about context, clarity, etcetera, I would like for you to note the image as being a “REPRESENTATION” of the Fetishism rather than a ‘sample’ or ‘example’ (despite it having been made via someone under one of my contracts at the time).
      I would like to end in stressing my appreciation for you having made this inquiry rather than just using it without permission.
      I look forward to seeing the article!
      Miss Summers

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