FinDom Addiction Test

Financial Domination Addiction Diagnostic

Produced by the Financial Division of the S.S.I.


In order for an addiction to be properly cured (or controlled), it must be properly diagnosed. A thorough diagnosis results in a better chance of a thorough cure. Such a diagnosis must include to what extent the addiction has progressed to, as there are multiple levels of addiction. As its name states, FinDom Addiction is indeed an addiction; an impulse control disorder in search of the next pleasure-high via indulgence in the paraphilia. Though unconventional (and controversial to some), the Samantha Summers Institute follows the methods of some rogue Psychiatrists & Psychologists in observing the patient’s addiction; temporarily leaving it unchecked as though there is no intervention at all. Thus, the addiction-counselor can see to what extent the person’s addiction reaches, and in-turn make a more accurate diagnosis & counter-addiction plan. With this Diagnostic, Therapist Samantha Summers will have an accurate understanding of the depth of your addiction so that she may bring a stop to it once & for all. Due to this purpose, actions & instructions will seem outside of a therapeutic manner (i.e. will appear more sexually driven than cerebral). Understand that this is part of the process towards healing and then cure from your addiction.


Read the following instructions of these diagnostics carefully & thoroughly. Follow them in a manner based on sexual arousal & desire, not simply because they say to do so. If you fail to follow the instructions via the above stated manner, your diagnosis will be inaccurate & I will not be able to help you properly.


To follow is a detailed story concerning you and me. Despite being a tale, you are to engross yourself in the story as much as you can. Only read it when you have the time to read it in its entirety without interruption & when you are relaxed. You are to imagine that the story is actually occurring and that you are actually there. You must do everything in the story as if you are physically there experiencing it all. Following each request within the story is a link (within parentheses). If you are asked to do something and would not, then don’t click the link thereof. If you are asked to do something and would do it, then click of its link & do it. Afterwards, you are to continue to the Diagnosis section to see where we will take your Therapy moving forward. There are multiple routes, and they are based on your following actions.


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(Subsequent parts of the diagnostic story are located via their previous page; so the page via the coin shown above has a link to the page housing part II.)

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Though not exclusive, Sexually-based FinDom Addiction commonly includes (or involves) Blackmail Addiction. That is, those with FinDom Addictions often also have sexual (Fetish-based) addictions involving the Consensual Blackmail Fetish (“Erotic-Extortion”).

Erotic Extortion & Consensual Blackmail (Pay to View)

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