Sexual Preference

Psychosexual Preference Pictorial

Sexual Orientation is not as simple as Black & White;

in fact, it is more complex than a Rainbow.

Sexual Preferences PTV Pics

Do you see yourself as Straight? Bi? Gay? Or Pan? Maybe even Asexual? Well, look again!

This Captioned-Photos PTV series includes 13 explicit photos across 6 erotic sections. Five of these sections cover the different Sexual Orientations, including those which are virtually unknown. Twelve of the pornographic images include 1 or 2 captions per photo, through which we broach the issue of the DISorientation that is involved. (The captions range from Eye-opening explanations to Gut-busting jokes, and plenty between these extremes.) Each section also goes a tad deeper into its Disorder. Additionally, there is a final extra section (with its own pic, own caption and even more) where we deal with a Sexual Orientation which is NOT what most people think; where we can confidently say that it will even leave you at the end saying “Ohhhh.

Two Lesbians Kissing - Two Bisexual Women Kissing - Two Heterosexual Women Experiementing

Two Women Flirting? Two Lesbians Embracing? Two Straight Ladies Experimenting? Or are we seeing a sample of Sexual Orientation which is unlike any of these choices?

However, if you are interested in only 1 or 2 of the sections instead of the whole thing, I have good news for you. For they are available as separate PTVs. If you want to take a look at what is within each section before grabbing the entirety below, or actually rather pick out a few, here you go…

(Each separated section is available in both Goodie Bag AND Pay-to-View Mail forms via the Niteflirt® payment system.)

Sexual Orientation Asexual Pics:

  • 3 Photos included (Full Frontal Nudity) for $1.99


Sexual Orientation Bisexual Pic:

  • 1 Photo included (FFM Sex + Strapon) for $0.75


Sexual Orientation Heterosexual Pic:

  • 1 Photo included (Partial Nudity + Foot Fetish) for $0.75


Sexual Orientation Homosexual Pics:

  • 4 Photos included (Oral, Anal, & Ahhhh!) for $2.99


Sexual Orientation Pansexual Pics:

  • + 3 Photos
  • + Bonus Section
    • (3 UNIQUE Sex Scenes)

…for only $3.49


But wait!

Before you start obtaining some of the sections, realizing that all of these separated sections total $9.97

Now you can instead get them all as a single purchase via a special compiled bundle for just $7.49!

That is a savings of 25% if you obtain all sections in a single squirt… oops, I mean “in a single shot.

Sexual Orientations Captioned Pics & More:

  • 13 Photos across 6 Sections

Bundled for only $7.49!

Lusting for more Captioned-Photos?

A litany of sets can be found here at the SSI which were likewise their foundry.

If interested, just click HERE and start surfing our Captioned Sexual Subjects.

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