Small Penis Humiliation

S.P.H. (Small Penis Humiliation)

Cocktail Weenies in a Kielbasa World

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The status-quo stereotype is that men are about big, powerful, awe-inspiring stuff; big trucks, powerful football plays, and awe-inspiring bombs. And that pretty much is the case besides for some high-hippies, basement-dwellers, and vegans. Outside of women, most men are ashamed to show that they are stuck with something small; whether it be their bank account or their tool box –the more massive, the more manly.

But there’s always an exception, and it’s ironically the age-old symbol of manhood. No, not butt hair… I had a female neighbor who would have been a man then… I’m talking about the wand among the ‘family jewels’. Yes, the Penis, Many men, whether macho on the outside or borderline fairy, whom were shafted by nature in the size department (pun Small Penis Humiliation Example 1intended) have come to Eroticize their stunted growth. (Whether the causation comes from a psychological defense or something else is an issue best left for another page.) When I speak of their stemmed stump (their Shortstick-Dick), I am not saying that all of these men are below average below the belt. While there are quite a few such men with miniature members, many, if not most, of those that have SPH as part of their sexuality are around average (which comes to little surprise seeming that ‘average’ means what it does for a reason). Hence Small Penis Humiliation, like most forms of Erotic Humiliation, is often more psychological than physical.



Let’s see with Therapist Samantha Summers’

SPH Evaluation & Examination

Small Penis Humiliation Example 2



  • Proper Measurement Instructions
  • 2 Instructional Photos
  • 2 Size Average Charts
    • Over 20 Countries
    • Ethnic Comparison
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  • 14 Psychosexual Questions
  • Auto Grading with Results
  • Universal Compatibility
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