Fetish Trails (1-2)

Past Facts of Present Fetishes

and Some Perverted Sexual Proclivities

It is time for me to take you deeper, and to take you further; deep into the core of the Fetishes, and far back to their beginnings. This contains the first 2 “Fetish Trails”; each part being an interactive feast for your eyes & mind. Several interactive portions per Fetish, with photos, facts, perversions & pleasures. You’ll learn quite a bit, but will lust even more! Together, these 2 Trails total over 40 included paraphilic pics. Today, we’ll be dealing with some Dirty & Dominant Fetishes that will have you trembling with excitement to-boot, but also those that are centered around sexuality that’s cleaner than pure-vanilla; you’ll just have to come & discover to see what I’m speaking of… —Therapist Samantha Summers

This explicit PTV project concerning Sexual History, Sexual Education, and… Sexual Pleasures is available for purchase and with immediate access for only $9.99 (USD)!

For more information, click the cover photo below:

Fetish Trails, parts 1 and 2 - cover photo

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