Blackmail Crash Course

Listen, Learn & Look lest you Lapse, Lose & Lament

Loopholes are Lifelines in the Land of Legal Larceny

(a.k.a. the Real Realm of Consensual Blackmail)

Blackmail Crash Course Dummy

In Eroticized Extortion, otherwise known as Consensual Blackmailing, money & mercy are usually the only things saving the conflicted-victim (if you will) from experiencing a personal pandemonium. Contractually-focused Erotic-Extortion (Consensual Blackmail) requires the Extorted participant to follow their concerned contract to the letter, with every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed per-se (though sometimes most literally).

Due to Erotic Extortion usually following an Erection, the Blackmailed Boob often finds himself way over his head (and experiencing a constant terror that one of those proverbial “t”‘s will go uncrossed, leading to it being ‘all he wrote’). When in this set of circumstances, a Loophole in the Legality or Leverage in the confining contract is their only chance for a clean escape.

The SSI offers Loophole-Lookout services so-to-speak. But here you will learn a few small pointers on spotting loopholes. Then afterwards you will be given the opportunity to put that know-how to the test.

This test, as part of a thorough course, may be obtained along with further invaluable lessons for the low 1x cost of $3.99 (USD)!

This course was originally described as:

My “Bearable Micro Contract” allowed anyone to get a tiny feel for Blackmail… Now it’s time to see if you’re ready for the next step. You’ve gone on & on about wanting to try it, so let’s see if you would have a smooth ride or crash right from the get go. This 5-part interactive Blackmail Class will show you what everyone who takes part in Erotic-Extortion needs to be able to spot if things go too far. After I guide you through a few hands on lessons, you’ll see if you would be able to save yourself by spotting salvation so-to-speak. This Course is perfect for addicts trying to get out of B.M., but is equally as good for novices and those who never have but would love to try a tiny bit. Though this is quite different, one could say that this is my Micro Contract being taken a step further. —Therapist Samantha Summers

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