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With Sort & Search Interface

Searching can be Sexy

How to use this Table:

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To sort a column (alphabetically for word-based columns & numerically for number-based columns), click on the Header (Title) of that Column. To switch from Ascending to Descending sorting, or vice versa, click on the same Column Header again. No page refreshing is needed if you want to sort another column afterwards. If you want to search the entirety of the table, simply start typing in the Search Field found at the Top-Right of the table. Your search entry will scan all columns of the table simultaneously. All results will be narrowed down as you type your Search. There is no need to press Enter! All searches are done Dynamically. That being said, come relax & search for awhile…

Sort Columns by Clicking Column Headers and Search via the Right-Hand Search Field:

SSI Sort & Search Product Table


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