My FetMap

Produced by Therapist Samantha Summers

Published by the Samantha Summers Institute

We are not speaking of a FeTMAP; this isn’t about Biotechnology. No, this isn’t concerning Fet maps, so if you’re from there near the lovely lake Øyeren in Norway, you have the wrong webpage (as that page would actually be over here: http://oyeren.org/). Nor is this going to be a paid advertisement from Fetmap[dot]com (which not only has zero associations with us, it is a vacant domain at the time of this publication; not to mention that it has changed hands 4 or more times in not as many years (per whois.domaintools.com). Rather than being any of those similar (similar in name ONLY) items, or any of the other examples which we could waste both of our time with, this pertains to the FetMaps concocted & constructed by Miss Samantha Summers; those of which form the foundation of the My FetMap project accessible hereinafter.

As should be obvious to those who aren’t new to the SSI, a FetMap is a FetishisticMapping (though the title was previously used by Miss Summers as a nonchalantly assigned name for each portion of her “Fetish Trails(1-2)” Erotic-Educational series (see HERE for parts 3-5, and HERE for parts 6-9)). Simply put, they are used to map someone’s Fetish(es), though its 6-letter name could cause someone to grossly misjudge their complexity, potential applications, and level of interactivity. They are not on a pitiful-Map your Mind through Traversing your Temptations (public domain image)par with some doodle you make on a napkin after dinner, nor are they the other side of the Pin the tail on the Jackass game… AND, they are not like an Easter-egg hunt where the sloth-spouse of the party-planner emptied a pale-full of colored-eggs into the bushes (announcing his accomplishment of the day with the solo word of “done” before returning to his beer & tire-tube in the half-empty, half-deflated, kiddie-pool). Why the lengthy explanation of a hapless husband while saying virtually nothing about the FetMaps themselves? Let’s just say that they are one of those things that are better understood when they are right under your nose. However, we won’t just lead you into the Fluctuating Fetish Fray blind or unwilling…

So, here are some of the specs on these special maps of sexual steps:
My FetMap: # of FetMaps: # of XXX images: Price (USD): Purchase Details:
Series # 1 2 Full FetMaps 30+ (and 2 gifs) SALE $ 9.99 BEING REDONE
Series # 2 1 Full + 2 Mini 20+ (and — gifs) (≈ $ 12.99) coming soon
Series # 3 2 Full Fill-ins –+ (and — gifs) (≈ $ 9.99) coming soon

In the allotted area below, please enter the password you had obtained with your purchase of the above FetMap series:




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