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What is “h’Art Therapy”?

First, let’s speak of “Art Therapy” itself.

Per the American Art Therapy Association, Art Therapy is

…the therapeutic use of art making, within a professional relationship, by people who experience illness, trauma or challenges in living, and by people who seek personal development. Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, people can increase awareness of self and others cope with symptoms, stress and traumatic experiences; enhance cognitive abilities; and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art.

Fetish Art Therapy by Therapist Samantha Summers for Sexual TherapyThe Therapeutic adventures undertaken by Therapist Summers and the SSI generally focus on the Psychosexual aspect of a Healthy & Whole Life; using the foundational aspects of conventional Therapies in a unique & revolutionary manner, while also interjecting original techniques & theories into practice, in order to bring relief to those dealing with complicated, and largely misunderstood, issues of a Sexual nature which all-too-often go overlooked or blatantly ignored. That being said, it should come as little surprise to most, that Therapist Summers has integrated certain ideas & dimensions of ‘mainstream’ “Art Therapy” into her litany of methods.

Miss Summers’ primary rhyme & reason for the start of the SSI being the birth of an out-of-the-box institution whose purpose is the furthering of people’s development, awareness, abilities, and pleasures, one can easily see that her methodologies were compatible with Art Therapy; the words in bold having parallelism in the S.S.I.’s mission definition as well as in the A.A.T.A.’s explanation of their method.

While this use of Art Therapy in programs offered through the SSI have been seen since shortly after its inception (see THIS for an example of such a project), “h’Art Therapy” is a specialized & specific use of this Therapeutic thought in an organized ideological-method with a comprehensive objective.

Purposely, its name is a simple, if not silly, play on its purpose being aimed at inner-relief; the pronunciation of “h’Art” being “härt”, thus spoken as “Heart Therapy.” However, the “h” does not, in fact, stand for ‘heart’. Rather, it is the placeholder for “Head”; being another meaningfully light play on the Art of the Therapy coming from one’s “Head” (i.e. their Psyche) —while simultaneously concerning one’s… well… someone’s ‘lower’ Head (i.e. their Sexuality). In keeping with the ‘light’ objective, Therapist Summers wanted it to be made known that

…this methodology was originally called “Fetish Art Therapy”, but that its shortening to “F’art Therapy” was a bit much. And feel free to laugh at that fact.

What does “h’Art Therapy” mean for you?Psychosexual Art Therapy from the Samantha Summers Institute

Just as Sexualities, and the Fetishes themselves, are as varied–as numerous–and as unique as the Species & Phylum upon the Earth, Therapist Summers’ h’Art Therapy has different meanings, or rather different purposes, for different people. Yet, in similarity to mainstream Therapeutic techniques, it houses categorized concepts which allows for a Personalized Treatment without being Perplexing, while keeping its effectiveness high, which otherwise would negate its light yet efficient touch.

Thus, the whole of the methodology has been segmented based on the Sexualities; having specialized specifics for the different Fetishistic Umbrellas, i.e. one style for those submerged in Financial-Domination, another form for someone entangled in Erotic-Humiliation, and then a type to use when dealing with perplexed-Preferences, so on & so forth.

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SSI H’Art Therapy was last modified: July 24th, 2016 by Therapist Summers
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