Political Pleasures

Welcome to the SSI’s Special Sociosexual Survey!

Voter Turn-Ons


While being Open to the Public, it only concerns American Politics. Thus, only Citizens of the United States are encouraged to participate in this Free fact-finding mission of the SSI. However, we would still like our Foreign friends to engage in this project via Commenting at the bottom of this page and by Lending their opinions on the results; or you may also partake of other parts of this project which may be accessed through the linked image above. We thank all of you who will either participate, comment, or both.

Beneath the following Survey are the current Results, and you are welcome to view them whether you participate or not.

They are automatically updated in a frequent fashion, so you are encouraged to see how they’ve changed as more submissions are received.

  • Sociosexual Political Survey by Samantha Summers

    What does America's Voter Turn"ON" look like?
  • Welcome to the S.S.I.'s Unique Political Poll

    Voter Turn-On

  • Following are Photographs of 10 Women of Washington D.C.; following is a question concerning them:

    Hillary Clinton

    Sarah Palin

    Nancy Pelosi

    Michelle Bachmann

    Loretta Sanchez

    Mary Bono Mack

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

    Marsha Wedgeworth Blackburn

    Kirsten Gillibrand

    Condoleezza Rice

  • Additional Disclaimers: All photos (besides 1 where attribution has been given) are Official U.S. Government Profile Photos, and thus are considered to be part of the Public Domain. The Samantha Summers Institute™ (SSI) does NOT claim any additional rights to these images, nor does the SSI give anyone any rights to them outside of personal use. Any payment(s) received in part or full by the SSI for access to the Course which includes these images was NOT specifically for their ability to view or download any of the concerned files; rather being for access/use pertaining to the other portions/content of the aforementioned Course, in addition to purposes of partially covering the costs required to run samanthasummersinstitute.org and the products & programs made available thereby.
    Please see 17 U.S.C. § 105 (www.gpo.gov) for further information.

  • Should be Empty:


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You can use the form below in order to Comment, Question, or just Rant… for the S.S.I. is Pro-Democracy after all. —and pro-Capitalism as well…

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  1. Completed this survey Friday, May 10 2019.
    Seems the sampling is too small to produce effective results but I am new to SSI. The amount of content is overwhelming but the stirring in my sapio sexual soul is starting to simmer. slutboicuck

  2. As a black, trans, sub i have grown up as a liberal. However, my white, older, established Daddy is extremely conservative and loves political domination similar to Tucker Carlson of Fox. To be a good girl for my Daddy, I need to break down my resistance to political humiliation. i need to stop the fight/flight instinct and just surrender. Unfortunately over dinner, the right wing triggers engage all the wrong thinking in me and i end up ruining the evening. Can you help me. Can you help me adjust to my new role as liberal apologist and whipping girl?

  3. Therapist Summers

    Just as with any Political Poll, there has been an unexpected glitch. Was it part of a conspiracy lead by people in powerful places in an attempt to silence the SSI’s stirring-up of the Sexual Scandals of the Senate?! …or was it some cover up claiming that an overstepping Cache was at fault? YOU be the judge!
    Either way, if you had attempted to vote between 6am & Noon Pacific Standard Time today (May 27, 2016), please empty your own cache & submit your responses once more. (This issue doesn’t involve this Survey’s related Sex-Quiz.)
    Thank you.
    ~Miss Summers

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