Cuckolding Contract

Cuckolding Consensual Blackmail Contract

“Making Cuckolding Contractual”, only here at the S.S.I.

Giving wives big cock

Cuckolding might be common-place these days in the Realm of the Fetish World, but it would seem that there is way more Word-of-Mouth than Penis-and-Pussy going on. Well, here at the SSI we are taking steps to change that… and to give those sex-starved size-queen wives of yours the Man-Meat they Want and Deserve!

Happy wife equals happy life in Cuckolding

“Happy Cuckolding Wife; Happy Cuckolding Life.”

This Consensual Blackmailing Contractual Agreement includes over 1 Dozen legally-bound tasks to be completed by the participant, or rather, by the Signer. Failure to due so may result in quite a few consequences. So, the question is… are you man enough to give your Lady the Man she desires?!

Cuckolding Consensual Blackmail Contract Cover-Image

Interested?… I had thought as much!

The entirety of this Consensual Blackmail Contract is available for purchase for only $19.99 (USD), and can be obtained via the trusted Niteflirt® hosting platform.

It is FREE to Join, and no previous purchase or commitment is necessary in order to get this One-of-a-Kind Erotic Contract.

⇐ Simply click on this contract’s Cover-Photo to the left in order to obtain. 


  1. nervous

    fantasize about my wife cuckolding me but doubt she would go for it

    i read cuckold stories everyday and get sooo worked i struggle with this crazy obsession. not even sure i could handle the jealousy.

    not even sure the best way to approach this


    • The guy that should be boning your wife.

      Well Greg, all you have to do is remember that you love your wife, and realize that your little dicklette doesn’t please her and that she deserves a real cock so she can actually get some pleasure. All you deserve is the joy of seeing her happy while taking a real cock, and maybe if you’re good she’ll let you out of your cage once in awhile.

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