Cuckolding Contract

Cuckolding Consensual Blackmail Contract

"Making Cuckolding Contractual", only here at the S.S.I.

Giving wives big cock

Cuckolding might be common-place these days in the Realm of the Fetish World, but it would seem that there is way more Word-of-Mouth than Penis-and-Pussy going on. Well, here at the SSI we are taking steps to change that... and to give those sex-starved size-queen wives of yours the Man-Meat they Want and Deserve!

Happy wife equals happy life in Cuckolding

"Happy Cuckolding Wife; Happy Cuckolding Life."

This Consensual Blackmailing Contractual Agreement includes over 1 Dozen legally-bound tasks to be completed by the participant, or rather, by the Signer. Failure to due so may result in quite a few consequences. So, the question is... are you man enough to give your Lady the Man she desires?!

Cuckolding Consensual Blackmail Contract Cover-Image

Interested?... I had thought as much!

The entirety of this Consensual Blackmail Contract is available for purchase for only $19.99 (USD), and can be obtained via the trusted Niteflirt® hosting platform.

It is FREE to Join, and no previous purchase or commitment is necessary in order to get this One-of-a-Kind Erotic Contract.

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One Comment

  1. nervous

    fantasize about my wife cuckolding me but doubt she would go for it

    i read cuckold stories everyday and get sooo worked i struggle with this crazy obsession. not even sure i could handle the jealousy.

    not even sure the best way to approach this


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