Binding or Bullshit?

Binding Contracts… or a Crock of Bull?

Concerning the belief that “Consensual Blackmail” isn’t REAL

Extortion by an Escort

By: Therapist Samantha Summers™

Only real blackmail would work for me Miss. No offense, but I find thos {sic} ones where you give your consent to be stupid. [Blackmail] is supposed to be abut {sic} fear and the thrill, but there isn’t any fear in something I’ve already agreed to.” —Portion of an email from a Client whom shall remain nameless herein.

I’ve heard, read & heard again things like that showcased above again & again (and over & over) by those inquiring of my Fetishistic-Blackmail Services. Or rather, more specifically, I’ve heard it by those whom have realized (having no prior knowledge of my methodologies) that I only provide “Consensual Blackmail” (Erotic-Extortion), and that I wouldn’t put aside a contract & partake in what they would refer to as “Real” Blackmail. First & foremost, if you want “Real” Blackmail, “real” in their sense of the word (i.e. the illegal sort), be my guest and partake of such services from this escort: UK News – Blackmailing Escort, well… you can two & a half years from now when she has finished her prison sentence! You would both definitely get screwed, but not in a way that you’d like. (Can someone say “Be careful of what you wish for“? Though I highly doubt that any of those men screwed two-fold by that escort were looking for Erotic-Blackmail.)


Now, for those of you whom have the notion that Consensual Blackmail is some ride in a bumper-car while ‘Real‘ Blackmail is the demolition-derby, your thoughts don’t hold water. This is not merely a counter-belief, rather such is what’s “Real.” There does indeed exist a form of Blackmailing Eroticism which can easily (if not properly) be referred to as “Fantasy Blackmail.” However, Consensual Blackmail involving a “Real” Contractual Agreement is NOT Fantasy Blackmail; though I know that a few of you out there were absolutely convinced that they were one & the same.

I could easily make & rest my case in the one swift combination strike of telling you to look HERE & HERE. Both of which show different examples of what has truly happened to those while under my methodology of contractual Blackmailing.

(Psst… And neither of the acts therein were within either contract upon signing; though it was all still 100% legal.)

And you know what… That is exactly what I am going to do for the time-being… Rest my case with those two items that-is. However, for my own desire to be thorough, this is merely the temporary end to this little article. I shall be back sooner rather than later to give me originally planned point-by-point. Also, below you’ll notice something that’s on the same topic but seems disjointed. Such is merely one of the personal arguments IConsensual Blackmail had given on this topic which I was going to incorporate into this article, and still shall.

{Article still in progress… Check back soon.}

If such is the case, I must strongly disagree with you (in that only ‘Real’-Extortion would scare you, and that Erotic-versions would not). There are several reasons why I generally use the term “Erotic-Extortion” is lue of “Consensual-Blackmail.” Yes, someone does give “consent” to the Blackmail Contract via their signature. Thus, many erroneously feel that there’s nothing to fear (besides for what they’ve directly put upon themselves) within said fetish. Quite to the contrary, most do not understand the meanings, implications, details, etc. within a Contract (due to skimming, arousal, confusion via legalese, misunderstandings, etc.). The man in the concerned PTV would be a perfect example of such. He had no idea of the full implications of the sort of addition he wanted in a Contract, and only realized such after having signed (and it was obviously too late by then). The only thing that’s going for him is that so long as I don’t literally ruin him he is of much more worth to me, and he’s received quite a few lumps & bumps to his pride & paychecks over the past few months (plus his contract, which originally was set to end two months ago, now has a 365 day duration –a duration which I can alter whenever I so desire).


  1. Wowww… its truly scary!! I’m not sure I could ever go down that path… but same time, something in me is cureous to find out…

    • Therapist Summers

      Erotic Blackmail isn’t for everyone, though it is quite a versatile Fetish.
      Finding it interesting, or being curious about it, is quite common, especially in this age of Information.
      Consensual Blackmail often gives people mixed emotions and causes a dichotomy within them. It is not too dissimilar to the Pain-Pleasure Principle.

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