Altruistic Agreement

Greater-Good Gamble by Therapist Samantha Summers

Power & Control


An Arousing & Therapeutic Arrangement

with Therapist Samantha Summers

Sexual Object - Credit to Pixabay public domain images

An Altruistic-Agreement straight from the S.S.I.

“Allow all of the Agreement or it shall be Apoptosis for you for Altruism’s Sake!” ————

This ‘Conduit-Contract’, which is available for your Risk-Free Reviewing below, is the result of a delicate balancing act that mixes Therapeutic Blackmail and Therapeutic Domination; two coveted yet controversial Psycho-Sexual Services originating from the same place they’re offered, right here! 

While having many Purposes behind it, and there being many more Reasons for people entering into this type of Service-Agreement (Blackmail Contract), it is primarily designed to be a Powerful Weapon in a Erotic-Therapist’s arsenal in the War against Paraphilic-Fetishes (Sexualities which are bordering on, or have breached, the tight-rope of Addiction).†† Due to this, the Conduit-Contract’ is applicable with most Fetishes; as the sad truth is that there is no Fetish that is immune to becoming an Addiction. (Don’t be fooled into thinking that there is a Sexual Category on par with Ms. Mary-J that can be kicked & licked no matter what. Though don’t start running with this Drug/Desire metaphor and erroneously think that we’re comparing Coke & the Poke, for having balance, understanding, and moderation in one’s Sex-Life is okay, while trying to control your intake of Cocaine is something entirely different…)

In addition to being something quite unique in & of itself, here are some of the other details concerning this contract:

  • A literal handing over of control, including an actual H.I.P.A.A. Rights Waiver
  • A thorough hyperlinked Table of Contents allowing for easy navigation
  • A Simplified & Minimalistic approach to the Initiation Process
  • A streamlined layout including 17 pages with full legality

In order to purchase this Constructive & Concrete Contractual Attraction for the Worry-Free Fee of $14.99, click on the banner below:


Once obtained, this Contract may be downloaded as a PDF, Docx, or Viewed right on this page by entering the proper password below…

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— See this page’s parent at …/therapies/therapeutic-blackmail/.

— Therapeutic Domination Method: Actual Help or Selfish Greed? The “Therapeutic Domination Method” is a controversial Psychosexual Technique used by the Samantha Summers Institute in the treatment of Sexual Addiction. The controversy over its use can be summed up in the question of whether or not an Addiction of any form can be cured via Indulgence of the Substance, Activity or Behavior which is Addictive to an individual. (As this methodology is most effective & used by the S.S.I. as a tool to battle Financial Domination (FinDom) Addictions, it will be explained & examined through such.)

†† — In its primary purpose being for Paraphilic-Addictions (Fetishes which have become unbalanced & unhealthy), it is strongly recommended by Therapist Summers that those interested in this service take our “Sexual Addiction Test” which can be found at

What you see up there is a whole new stage in my Psychosexual Contractual Services, one hard to compare with others of mine, and due to this I have also brought together my Blackmailing Beginnings per-se in the form of a TEN-PART Bundle!

Allow me to state the specifics of such…

This stacked Blackmailing pack includes 8 of my Erotic-Extortion Contracts which border on being infamous. These 8 are:

  1. Main B.M.C.
  2. 1 Week Contract
  3. Humiliation-based
  4. Specialized for S.P.H.
  5. Coerced into Bicuriosity
  6. Forced into Feminization
  7. Shoved into Transformation
  8. And my first Extreme Contract

As should be expected, each of these 8 contracts is quite thorough with over 2,000 words of detailed Terms, Tasks, and Terrors. While a few of these are focused on Blackmail itself, the others are centered around coerced assignments (‘Contractual Obligations’ that is).

As separate contracts, this lot would sell for over $150. But this BMC-Bundle is being priced at the low risk cost of only $44.99!

…AND that’s while including the 13 Portions of my first TWO sets of Blackmail-based Captioned Photos (…so a savings of well over $100 before I bring further Aid to your Addictions).

A Great & Merciful Value; unless you succumb and sign on one of those Dotted Lines that-is…

–Therapist Samantha Summers

(Click below & get your Fill of Thrill before I Cram a Cure into you for Your Own Sake.)

Therapeutic Blackmail Contractual Connection (linked image to PTV on Niteflirt)


  1. I keep coming back to this. But it is too much.

  2. To be honest, my English is not good enough to understand everything that is in the contract. Too bad though, but I like the general idea of it.
    I watched the TherapeuticDom movie with great interest.

  3. Cannot control admiration of Women

  4. “Get control by giving up control”…what a terrific concept! Controversial or not, the ‘Therapeutic Domination Method’ sounds like a brilliant idea that seems like it would be quite effective. I am intrigued. Perhaps this is the kind of treatment I need (and want, of course).
    However, the words “be careful what you wish for…” echo in my head.

    • Therapist Summers

      Hello Craig, and thank you for your appreciation of the idea (or, rather, of the ‘Ideology‘ for some). While I am glad it intrigues you, see it for the investment that it is; not in a monetary sense, though that as well, but in the sense of shutting ‘power‘ out of your own sphere in hopes of obtaining a ‘greater power‘ once it is time for you to retrieve it. I am sure that you understand my meaning here. Adding that this would be something you “want” had hit the nail on the head when it comes the one of the major problems with mainstream treatment methods (in that such methodologies are ones having virtually no desire on the patient’s end; inherently stemming one’s chances at success). Also, I found your final words quite comical Craig, for I used to summarize my early Therapeutic-Blackmailing as being, in part, an actualization of the song by Chris Daughtry (Song “Home” on YouTube).
      Miss Summers

  5. Dictionary please
    I think I get it maybe
    Or I don’t
    Half my brain’s blood is elsewhere right now
    Can’t wait for the finished contract
    Thankyou Mistress

    • Therapist Summers

      I’ve sent you a partial explanation of it to your NF account. Here I say I shall NOT speak the WHOLE truth nor ANYTHING but the TRUTH; for the Psychosexual mind is more the playground of Magic than the Stage, and smoke keeps only what you need see in your view. Also, I think you would agree from our talks that this Contract would indeed be a tad too much for you (and pertaining to your “Blackmailed” position).

  6. “Allow all of the Agreement or it shall be Apoptosis for you for Altruism’s Sake!” ..i loved that miss summers! Vry smart & sexy i mustt say! But also another “s”….”scary” if im interpreting it rightt

    • Therapist Summers

      O’ you, I have not an iota of doubt at your correct grasp of it. Seems you were the Positive Speaker today while bearing the Double-Negative name. Remember though my Irish’D, being afraid (deeming such as “scary”) of the concept makes you a Submissive onto it rather than onto me.

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