Deconstructed Contract

Exposed Consensual Blackmail Contract

A Table of Blackmail Contract Clauses & a Glossary of Extorting Provisions»

Public Domain image (Deconstructed Blackmail Contract)The contents of this page is an appendix for the “Custom Contract Quote Calculator” tool found on this site. The concerned contents pertain to those Erotic Extortion (Consensual Blackmail) Contracts produced/constructed by the Samantha Summers Institute, and do not relate to those not created by the SSI. The contents are divided into 9 Appendixes, showcasing samples, examples, and explanations of the major portions of many of the SSI’s Consensual Blackmail Agreements. These appendixes include, but are not limited to:

  • Information Disclosure Methods
  • Obligatory Assignments & Tasks
  • Fail-Safe Clauses & Auto-Actions
  • Unilateral Modification Provisions
  • Buyout ‘Sell-Out’ Options/Clauses
  • Mandatory Payments & Late Fees
  • Prerequisite Information & Proofs

In order to view the contents hereof (those which are hidden), you must first purchase the access password for the Contract Calculator noted heretofore (said password being used to access both pages). entrepreneur-593357_1920 (public domain image) Consensual Blackmail Services Appendix (The one-time purchase of $9.99 gives you unlimited access to both of these SSI Blackmailing Basics. If you have forgotten, lost, or similar, the password post-purchase, contact us HERE.)

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