Female or Funny

Becoming Female or Being FUNNY?

Fo2rF-2a When it comes to the Fetishistic Umbrella called Feminization, it would be proper to divide it into a few pieces; to where the meaning of Feminization, in the sense of Feminizing one within & without, is seen as a Fetish set apart from the other Sexual Fetishes which have latched onto it. Hence, we presently have two Feminization Fetishes; the wide, broad umbrella being one, and the more specific Sexual Branch focused on the art-form of Feminizing being the other. While it is admitted that Umbrella Fetishisms serve a useful purpose in our lands of labels, the distinction between these two main Feminization Fetishes must be given noteworthy attention (lest they foolishly continue to be cast with the same mold).

Becoming Female: Focused on the Psychological and/or Sexual yearnings to become Feminine.
Being Funny: Focuses on the Erotic-Humiliation aspects of one being emasculated via Feminization.


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  1. omegaboislut (on niteflirt)

    Looking forward to more dialog here. For some of us, feminization is only truly experienced when our desire is extrapolated from us by a woman. A woman who loves to see how far she can witness Her power bench marked by how far She can take us and by Her doing so, our love and admiration of Her grows exponentially. For in this, we are accepted and loved for who we are.

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