Choices: Conscious and Unconscious

CHOICES: Both Conscious & Unconscious

Making Choices concerning your Sexuality can help sift through your mess of intertwined Desires.

Sex goes beyond just Gender

Sexual Choices go far beyond just Sexual Orientation.

Sexual Preferences concerning degrees of Dominance or Submission, heights of physical interaction, levels of mental engagement, the opposite sides of the rift between Fantasy & Reality, just to name a few, spawn Questions, and hence Choices, throughout the layers of our unique Sexualities.

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In order to aid you in clearing the thick cloud of Questions, Choices, and the Directions you should go with your complex Sexual Nature, Therapist Summers has put forth an explanatory & helpful program for those in need of such guidance. This multi-segment program is called “Choices [to be made].” The first part of this program, which may be found below on this page, has been obtained by over 100 individuals as of the start of 2017 and has received raving reviews on

So much detail and thoroughness“,

Compelling way to frame my kinky tendencies“,

and “An exciting and helpful introduction“,

just to name a few. This original portion of the program may be obtained by clicking on the cover-photo seen below, as well as in order to see all of the positive reviews which it has received.

Choices to be Made

Presently priced at $4.99 (USD).

DESCRIPTION of the “CHOICES” Pay-to-View Product:

Including a dozen Erotic Photos, this Visual Guide (made of 4 Parts which house visuals & meanings) tells you of the Choices that must be made, concerning you & myself; choices which will direct your experiences to-come. You may chooseyes‘ or ‘no‘, but from there it is I who says where we go. As your Brain & Balls tell you opposite things, I will show you on what they can both agree. It would be correct to deem this an introduction to me, my methodology, & your place within my sphere of influence. Whether knowing nothing about me, or having known me for years, this explains o’ so much in a simplistic & stimulating manner, and makes as a good reminder.

—Therapist Samantha Summers

Due to a steady & high demand, Therapist Summers saw a need for expanding & expounding her original one-part project.

Continuing the “Choices” Program, “CHOOSE”, found below, was released on February 16th of 2017.

It may also be obtained for the same price as its predecessor at $4.99 (USD) by clicking on its cover-image below:

Choose - Choices #2

DESCRIPTION of the “CHOOSE” Pay-to-View Product:

Including over a Dozen Erotic Photos with additional stimulating, meaningful, and explanatory visuals, this second series of PSYCHOSEXUAL INFOGRAPHICS continues the foundation lain by the original “Choices [to be made]” portion. While the first had been mainly focused on the surface issues of one’s Sexual Behavior, this next portion dives deeper into your Sexual Individuality, and makes you take a look at the many layers found within your “Sexual Self“; some of which you may have not have even realized existed. This part of the series is divided into 6 sections which take a look at 7 layers of Sexuality. In addition to these portions being available for immediate viewing & download, the purchase price includes your unlimited access to a unique, specially designed, and preferred method (in the manner of a visually stimulating & surreal program, one which will give you a look into a new way of viewing AND interacting with virtual sexual aids) of participating in this helpful project.

—Therapist Samantha Summers

∗ NOTE: This new manner of Visual Enhancement should be viewed via a Laptop, Desktop, or Tablet, as it has encountered problems on mobile devices due to screen size.

FREE-VIEW Portion of the CHOICES Program:

Choosing is Complicated - You may just get Sexually Screwed

Click above in order to view the Full-Sized version.

Time to answer your Sexual Questions and make your sexual choices

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