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  Feminine Fulfillment by Sexist methods  

  & Stereotypical means where in the end  

  it is the Woman who Wins yet again!   

Sissy Giffy goes Pinky (Sissification Example gif) - All rights reserved by the Samantha Summers Institute

Sissification is quite underestimated and under-respected when it comes its Complexity & Thoroughness. Though this form of Psychosexuality is often solely associated with the derogatory term of "Sissy", it is much more (on both scales of Importance & Influence) than a simple Humor or Humiliation (though many with Sissification Fetishes heavily integrate Erotic Humiliation).

FemBoy - FemBoi - Sissy Boi

Although the following diagram concerning Sissification gives some core insights, it is admittedly a gross oversimplification:

Sissy_Hierarchy_of_Needs-B-e1-3a (Sissification Diagram created by Therapist Samantha Summers)

Sissification & Emasculation Vintage Fetish Pornography (no applicable copyrights present)

Sissification is not new to Mankind's Sexuality

Sissification is a broad Sub-Fetish (no pun intended) within the wide stretched Umbrella-Fetish of Feminization.

If you are unable to view the embedded PDF document below (which opens via Google Document Viewer), you can see it as a separate page here: 


Included in the Sissification part of this series is a frightening tale that brings new meaning to the saying "Know what you say before you say it."

—Therapist Samantha Summers

(If you would like a downloadable copy of the above sexual story, you may contact the present copyright holder via our CONTACT.)

No matter how pink you are inside, due to social stigmas, timeless intolerance, and the inevitable existence of those Sissification Consensual Blackmail Contract (Complete Web Version - Purchase Necessary)called ignorant, you will end up needing a little push here & there —some needing more than others, becoming an outright shove sometimes.

Sissification Simplicity via lock & love (all rights handed over to Therapist Samantha Summers by the original owner)While such nudging can coax a girl coming along into Sissy-hood, other times call for other tools. So, in order to keep you heading the right way, and to keep the momentum moving forward, we have the capable tool called "Consensual Blackmail" at our disposal (or rather, "Erotic-Extortion", as it is known here). I am speaking of the saying of "When you sign a contract, there is no going back." And just as one contract is needed for one thing, and a wholly different one is needed for something else, we have a special 'deal' specifically for a Sissy's 1st appeal... In order to see the details of such a Sissy thing to sign, click HERE. and have no fear, for the law is on my side. *wink*

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Simple Sissification showcasing the Humiliating Angle of the Feminization Sub-Fetish (all rights released onto Therapist Samantha Summers by the original owner)

Simple Sissification showcasing the Humiliating Angle of the Feminization Sub-Fetish

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  1. Actually loved the story written. I’m always intrigued by sissy as the term. But I’m TS, cleared 2 times by licensed medical boards, on HRT, estradiol and Spiro daily prescriptions as well as see a gynecologist few times a year for checkups. I’ve been both jobless and homeless in my two attempts at transitioning in times, when transitioning wasn’t excepted socially like its better times now maybe. Can’t get past the hard times i had. So i continue miserably going thru life. In my what once was happy medium. Not so happy anymore.

    Had my identity stolen back in 2012 and somehow while trying to figure out who did this, i stumbled across sissy stuff and sissy hypnosis. Those things grow on a girl.

    Regardless, love the erotic story. Thanks

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