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  • Standardized Consensual-Blackmail Contract (BM Contract) BUY Main Standardized Blackmail Contract


Price: $30.00

Includes: 32 Page Contract in 4 Formats with 5 Levels of Disclosure

Format(s): ,pdf x1, .docx x1, .jpg x35 

  • Blackmail Crash Course (Interactive Blackmail Class) BUY Blackmail Crash Course Pay to View

Blackmail Crash Course

Price: $5.99

Includes: 5 part on-site interactive Erotic-Extortion (Consensual Blackmail) Class

Format(s): Url/Password are included in hyperlink (document) & image-file forms

  • Custom Contract Cost Calculator + Example Appendixes BUY Custom Contract Cost Calculator and Appendixes for Consensual Blackmail PTV

ccc1 (Custom Blackmail Contract Cost Calculator)

Price: $9.99

Includes: 20 Part Custom Contract Quote Tool & 50 pages worth of Appendixes to explain one's choices

Format(s): Url/Password included in hyperlink & image-file forms + 50 Pg. Appendix in .docx, .pdf, & .rtf


  • Blackmailed Budget (Visual Examples) BUY Blackmailed Budget (Contractual Budgeting) Intro PTV


Price: $5.43

Includes: Intro to a unique Contract that is for those with Fin-Dom Paraphilic Addictions & those with low motivation.

Format(s): .jpg x8 (each including written comments/explanation)


  • Audio about Consensual Blackmail (Blackmail Method Mp3) BUY Mp3 on Consensual Blackmail

Erotic Extortion & Consensual Blackmail (Pay to View)

Price: $5.50

Includes: 6.5 minute audio & 3 explicit photos

Format(s): .mp3 x1 and .jpg x3


  • Beyond the Line (The Ruthless Erotic Extortion Contract) BUY Beyond the Line Blackmail Contract


Price: $24.99

Includes: 30+page contract with images/photos

Format(s): .pdf x1, .docx x1, .rtf x1, .jpg x3, and .png x3


  • Blackmail by the Numbers (Erotic Truths about Blackmail) BUY Blackmail by the Numbers


Price: $2.63

Includes: Document w/charts, stats & more

Format(s): .docx x2


  • Captioned Pics, set #1 (Captioned Blackmail-based photos) BUY Blackmail Captioned Photos Set 1


Price: $5.99

Includes: 6 captioned explicit photos

Format(s): .jpg x6


  • Captioned Pics, set #2 (Captioned Blackmail-based photos) BUY Blackmail Captioned Photos Set 2


Price: $4.99

Includes: 5 captioned explicit photos

Format(s): .jpg x5


  • Captioned Pics, set #3 (Captioned Blackmail-based photos) BUY Blackmail Captioned Photos Set 3

Blackmail Captioned Photos (set 3)

Price: $4.99

Includes: 3 Explicit Captioned Photos & an 8-Part Visually explained Erotic Blackmailing Tale

Format(s): .jpg x4 (3 standard original captioned pics & 1 image file including 7 individual pics)


  • Coerced Cock Cage Contractual Agreement (BM Contract) BUY Coerced Chastity Blackmail Contract


Price: $24.99

Includes: 35+page contract w/options & images

Format(s): .pdf x1, .docx x1, and .rft x1


  • Continuous Chastity with Humiliating Tasks (BM Contract) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $19.99

Includes: 46 pg. contract for 100 days of continuous chastity (+more)

Format(s): .pdf x1 and .docx x1


  • Size doesn't matter in Blackmail (Comparison of Contracts) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $2.99

Includes: 5 visuals comparing the risks, sizes, etc. of my contracts

Format(s): .jpg x4 and .png x1


  • Blackmail Roulette (Possibly the most Dangerous Contract) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $9.99

Includes: One pg. open-ended contract (as image file) with solid Legality (+more)

Format(s): .png x4, .jpg x1, .rtf x1, .docx x1, and .pdf x1


  • "Do You Fear Me?" (Showcasing what Blackmailing can do) BUY Do you fear me, Pay to View

Fear of Blackmail Pay to View

Price: $4.99

Includes: 7 part Visual Showcase presenting a tease of the troubles one can get into via the temptation of Erotic-Blackmail

Format(s): .jpg x7


  • Consensual Blackmail Humiliation-based Erotic Contract BUY Consensual Blackmail Humiliation Contract (Erotic Extortion Erotic Humiliation Task-based Contract)

BlackmailByHOS (Consensual Blackmail Erotic Humiliation via Extorting Agreement)

Price: $19.99

Includes: 10 pg. contract with 4 weeks of Humiliating private & public mandatory tasks/assignments

Format(s): .pdf x1 and .docx x1




  • Only Losers Win (Humiliation Assignments) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $5.99

Includes: 15 Erotic-Humiliation Tasks, 3 prizes, and 5 explicit photos

Format(s): .docx x1, .jpg x5, and 1x hyperlink (to the 3 prizes)


  • Penis Size Examinations (Small Penis Check) SSI-BuyButton1

Price: $4.99

Includes: 2 part questionnaire with 2 charts, measuring technique, and a post-measurement quiz concerning S.P.H.

Format(s): .docx x1 (includes all of the aforementioned parts)


  • Loser Application (Application plus the Results) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $3.99

Includes: Password & link for interactive 2-part App.

Format(s): .jpg x1, .png x1, .rtf x1, .pdf x1, & .docx x1


  • Coerced Comedy (Captioned Motion Pictures) BUY Coerced Comedy PTV (using the new Motioned Captioned Pictures style) by the Samantha Summers Institute

Coerced Comedy (Captioned Motion Pictures)

Price: $4.99

Includes: 3 & a half minute movie bringing 9 Comedic Captions into Motion, plus the 9 captions as separate files

Format(s): .jpg x9, and .mp4 x1 (3.5 minutes)


  • 1st Series of True Tales (Real Humiliation Stories) SSI-BuyButton1

Price: $6.00

Includes: Four True Tales of Humiliation with an heavy Erotic slant, in addition to 3 explicit photos

Format(s): .rtf x1, .docx x1, and .jpg x3


  • 2nd Series of True Tales (Real Humiliation Stories) BUY True Tales of Humiliation #2


Price: $6.00

Includes: 5 More True Tales of Humiliation with an heavy Erotic slant, in addition to 4 explicit photos

Format(s): .jpg x4, .rtf x1, .pdf x1, and .docx x1

  • 3rd Series of True Tales (Humiliating Non-Fiction Erotica) Linked PTV Buy Button to Niteflirt

 Humiliating Erotica by Lady Summers - Set 3

Price: $6.69

Includes: 2 Humiliating True Stories with an Erotic slant which borderline Horrifying

Format(s): .rtf x1, .pdf x1, and .docx x1 (18 pages per file)

  • ...Looking up Loser! (Eroticized-Humiliation Movie Trailer) BUY Looking up Loser video trailer

Erotic Humiliation Movie Trailer

Price: $3.49

Includes: Three and a half minute explicit Blockbuster-styled video-trailer concerning Humiliation & FemDom

Format(s): 3.5 minute .mp4 (video format file) x1 (video with music, wording, and credits)


  • SPH Captioned Pics (Captioned Pics about Small Penises) BUY SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) Captioned Photos


Price: $4.99

Includes: 5 explicit captioned photos pertaining to Small Penis Humiliation fetishism

Format(s): .jpg x5


  • The Converse Couch™ #1 (Small Penis Humiliation Erotic Audio) BUY SPH Erotic Audio Pay to View

SPH Erotic Audio Pay to View

Price: $3.99

Includes: 5.5 minute Eroticized Audio concerning Penis Sizes & Psychosexual Pleasures

Format(s): .mp3 x1 (5 min 30 second audio)


  • The Loser-Humiliation Dichotomy (The 'Huh' in Humiliation Article) BUY Loser Humiliation Dichotomy


Price: $5.00

Includes: Erotic-Educational article about the Paradox in Humiliation, plus a total of 5 explicit photos

Format(s): .jpg x4, .rtf x1 & .docx x1




  • The Debt Designers (Tricks of the FinDom Trade Exposed) BUY Debt Designers PTV (Pay to View) Button

The Debt Designers of Financial Domination

Price: $9.99

Includes: Course consists of 12+ interactive sections (each with several Explicit Pics) exposing traps used in FinDom

Format(s): Image file with password to the start of this multilevel eroticism


  • Debt Designers 2.0 (FinDom Tricks of a different sort) BUY Debt Designers 2.0 PTV (Pay to View) Button

Debt Designers 2.0 (FinDom Tricks of a different sort)

Price: $8.76

Includes: Course consists of 4+ multilayered interactive sections exposing traps used in FinDom

Format(s): Image file with password to the start of this 2nd multilevel eroticism


  • Erectile Stimulus Plan (Fin-Dom Erotic-Info) SSI-BuyButton1

Price: SALE $2.49 (Normally $4.99)




  • Fin-Dom Addiction Exam (Preliminary Test) SSI-BuyButton1

Price: $4.99

Includes: Preliminary (and partly eroticized) Evaluation for addiction to FinDom Fetishism

Format(s): .docx x1, .rtf x1, and .jpg x2


  • Fin-Dom meaning of Tribute (Eroticized-Info) BUY FinDom meaning of Tribute

FinDom Tribute Meaning (Pay to View)

Price: $1.00

Includes: Two part article explaining the unique meaning of "Tribute" according to FinDom

Format(s): .docx x1, .rtf x1, and .jpg x2


  • Fin-Dom Diagnostic Test (Thorough Erotic-Exam) SSI-BuyButton1

Financial Domination Addiction Diagnostic Test

Price: $4.99

Includes: 5 Part FinDom Fetish Addiction Diagnostic Test, Results, plus 4 explicit photos

Format(s): .docx x1, .rtf x1, .pdf x1, and .jpg x4




  • Going Gay the Samantha Summers Way (Multitask Game) SSI-BuyButton1

Price: $5.99

Includes: 16 Homoerotic Training Tasks divided into 5 parts, and 6 explicit relevant photos within the file

Format(s): .pdf x1


  • Hypnotic Cock Sucking Mp3 (Coerced Bisexuality Mp3) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $4.99

Includes: 5 minute dual-layer Hypnotic & Erotic audio, plus 3 explicit photos

Format(s): .mp3 x1 and .jpg x3


  • Sexual Orientation Test (Examination of your Preference) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $6.99

Includes: Url & Password to off-site universally compatible Test with automatic grading

Format(s): Url/Password are in hyperlink & images forms


  • Admit your Homosexuality (Cognitive Dissonance Mp3) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $5.99

Includes: Ten minute Erotic Mp3 for those who are at odds with their latent Homosexual yearnings

Format(s): .mp3 x1




  • Foot/Shoe Captioned Photos (Set #1) BUY Foot & Shoe Captioned Pics Pay to View

Foot/Shoe Captioned Photos (Set #1)

Price: $4.99

Includes: 9 Photos with original Erotic Captions focusing on Foot & Shoe Fetishism

Format(s): .jpg x9


  • Breast-Lover's Gallery #1 (Explicit Photos focused on Tits) BUY Breast Lover's Photos Pay to View

Price: $7.99

Includes: 10 topless photos for the purpose of bare breasts (tit worship & breast fetish)

Format(s): .jpg x10


  • Breast-Lover's Gallery #2 (Explicit Photos focused on Tits) BUY Breast Lover's Photos #2 Pay to Views

Price: $3.99

Includes: Five topless photos for the purpose of bare breasts

Format(s): .jpg x5


  • Pose of the Goddess Pics (Nude Pics in the Nile Goddess Pose) SSI-BuyButton1

Price: $4.99

Includes: Ten nude & semi-nude photos in the pose of the pre-dynastic Goddess of the Nile River

Format(s): .jpg x10


  • Ass & Leg Captioned Photos (Captioned Pics with Legs & Butt) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $2.99

Includes: Four Original Captioned Photos concerning Leg & Buttocks body-part worship/Fetishism

Format(s): .jpg x4




  • Hypnosis Assessment (Evaluation for Therapeutic & Erotic Hypno) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $19.99

Includes: Erotic evaluation of your suitability for Hypnotics via 12 Videos (24 minutes), 60 Images, 2 Audios & More

Format(s): Contains link & password to online quiz in image & document format (compatible with most devices)


  • A Dream within a Dream (Hypnotic Feminine Domination Audio) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $9.99

Includes: 14 minute hypnotic & erotic audio with hypnotic inductions, an erotic tale, and covert mental domination

Format(s): .mp3 x1 and .jpg x3




  • Caught in the Act (Masturbation Discovery & Guiding Mp3) SSI-BuyButton1

Price: $2.99

Includes: Four minute erotic audio about you being caught masturbating in my therapeutic setting

Format(s): .mp3 x1 and .jpg x1




  • Online Art-Therapy for Fetishistic-Sex-Addicts Linked PTV Buy Button to Niteflirt

Fetish Art Therapy Cover

Price: $6.99

Includes: Interactive  Psychosexual Project which has unique specifics, sights & task-details for different Fetish Categories.

Format(s): Contains link & password to dedicated program page in image format (compatible with most devices)

  • Sexual Addiction Exam (Universal Erotic-Examination) SSI-BuyButton1

Price: $4.99

Includes: 20 Question (Multiple Choice) Psychosexual Exam and 3 explicit photos

Format(s): .docx x1, .rtf x1, and .jpg x3


  • Sexual Performance Test (Pleasure-giving Exam Gauge) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $4.49

Includes: 20 Multiple Choice Performance Questions concerning Sexuality, plus 4 photos

Format(s): .docx x1, .rtf x1, and .jpg x4


  • Choices to be made (Visual guide to the 3 Service types) BUY Choices to be Made xxx Erotic Psychosexual Pay-to-View


Price: $5.99

Includes: 4 part Visual Guide made up of 12 Erotic/Explicit Photos with Explanations

Format(s): .jpg x4 (all are large sizes)


  • Sexual Health Questionnaire (Eroticized Intake Form) BUY Sexual Health Questionnaire v.2. Pay to View


Price: $7.99

Includes: 50+ varied Questions and 38 individual relevant photos (most are explicit)

Format(s): 6 formats of the URL where this externally hosted Form is located and the Password therefor




  • Evolution of Fem-Dom (Erotic Visual Timeline) BUY Evolution of FemDom Erotic Visual Guide


Price: $3.99

Includes: 7 piece Erotic Visual-Representation of Fem-Dom Progression, in addition to 4 extra photos

Format(s): .jpg x5


  • Erotic Sex Quiz (Quiz on Sexuality plus More) BUY Psychosexual Sex Quiz (The Quiz that has a lot to do with Jizz)


Price: $4.99

Includes: Unique Online 20 question Quiz all about Sex with over 20 explicit photos plus stimulating facts

Format(s): Contains link & password to online quiz in image & document format (plus bonus image files)


  • Dopes on Dopamine (Lesson 1 of Sexy-Science) BUY Dopes on Dopamine (Sexy Science of Sex) Pay to View


Price: $9.99

Includes: 12 main slides which include 80+ images (most being explicit) to illustrate the actions of "Dopaminergics"

Format(s): 10 .jpg image files & 2 .png image files designed like power-point presentation slides


  • Wired to be Wild™ #1 (Cocky & Competitive Cum) BUY Wired to be Wild #1 (Cocky Cum) - Born Wired mini Sexy-Sci Sexy & Smart PTV Series


Price: $2.00

Includes: 3 Captioned Pics (2 Explicit) & a casual-informational page (via image file) concerning the Behaviors of Sperm

Format(s): .jpg x5 (including thumbnail)


  • Watch Out (Tricks of the Blackmail Trade Exposed) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $19.99

Includes: More than 30 deceitful tricks used in Erotic-Blackmailing are shown & explained

Format(s): .pdf x1, .docx x1, .rtf x1, .png x4, and .jpg x3




  • The Girl Inside (Dual-Purpose Erotic/Therapeutic Feminization Mp3) SSI-BuyButton1


Price: $9.99

Includes: 28 minute Erotic Audio pertaining to Feminization on the inside to the outside (includes Hypnotics)

Format(s): .mp3 x1, and a .jpg x1


  • Forced Feminization Contract (Feminization via Erotic-Blackmail) BUY Forced Fem Blackmail Contract (non-affiliate link) - Consensual Blackmail non-standardized Contract

BlackmailByHOS (Feminization Blackmail Contract (Womanizing Consensual Blackmail)

Price: $20.00

Includes: Thorough Consensual Blackmail Contract focused on Feminization with over 2 dozen tasks

Format(s): .pdf x1 (available in Word Document or Rich Text Format upon request)




  • The Mansion; Chapters 1 & 2 (Erotic Audio & Story) BUY The Mansion Chapters 1 & 2 erotic audio & story - Pay to View

Erotic Story & Audio by Therapist Samantha Summers (All rights reserved)

Price: $9.99

Includes: Written Erotic Story (Chapter 1), a 30 minute Erotic Audio (Chapter II), and matching explicit images

Format(s): .mp3 x1, .pdf x1, .docx x1, .jpg x6




  • The Cuckold Zone #4 (Cuckolding Mp3 with a Switch-Twist) BUY Cuckold Zone 4 (Switching Twist Cuckoldry Audio/Mp3) --The Secret Submissive Part 2-- Pay to View

CuckZ4-2tn Cuckold Zone (Secret Submissive, part two) Pay to View

Price: $9.99

Includes: 14.5 minute Erotic Cuckolding Tale involving a Secret Submissive Spouse (PART II)

Format(s): .mp3 x1

  • The Cuckold Zone #3 (Lesbianic Cuckolding Tale & More) BUY Cuckold Zone 3 (Lesbianic Cuckoldry Audio/Mp3) --The Secret Submissive-- Pay to View


Price: $8.99

Includes: 20 minute Erotic Cuckolding Tale involving a Secret Submissive Spouse (PART I)

Format(s): .mp3 x1

  • The Cuckold Zone #2 (BBC-based Cuckolding Tale & More) BUY Cuckold Zone 2 (BBC based Cuckoldry Audio/Mp3) Pay to View

BBC Fucking White Woman

Price: $9.99

Includes: 20 minute Erotic Cuckolding BBC Tale with a Twist, plus 6 matching Interracial Explicit Photos

Format(s): .mp3 x1, and .jpg x6

  • The Tell-Tale Cock (Cuckolding Tale with Hypnotic Visuals) BUY Tell-Tale Cock, Cuckolding Tale Pay to View

Tell Tale Cock, Cuckolding Tale

Price: $19.99

Includes: 26 minute Erotic Cuckolding Tale with Hypnotic Visuals, Binaural Beats, and More

Format(s): .mp4 x1, .mp3 x1, .png x1, and .jpg x1

  • Fantasy become Reality (Info on R.L. Cuckolding) BUY Cuckold Big Black Cock Fantasies become Reality (Erotic Info on BBC Cuckolding Issues)

Foo (Cuckolding Fantasies become Reality - Cuckoldry Erotic Informational)

Price: $2.99

Includes: Erotic Explanation

Format(s): .pdf x1

  • The 8 Types of Cuckolds (Cuckoldry Erotic-Info Mp3) BUY The 8 types of cuckolds Mp3 (Erotic & Explanatory Audio concerning the 8 forms of cuckolding)

medecine-40817 (8 Types of Cuckolds)

Price: $7.99

Includes: 15 minute audio & 3 explicit photos

Format(s): .mp3 x1 and .jpg x3

  • Captioned Photos, Set #1 (Cuckoldry Psychosexual Stimuli) BUY Cuckold Captioned Photos Set 1


Price: $5.49

Includes: 6 Explicit Captioned photos

Format(s): .jpg x6

  • Captioned Photos, Set #2 (Cuckoldry Psychosexual Stimuli) BUY Cuckold Captioned Photos Set 2

Price: $3.99

Includes: 4 Explicit Captioned photos

Format(s): .jpg x4

  • True Cuckolding Discovery (Story of Incidental Cuckolding) BUY True Cuckolding Story of Accidental Discovery

Price: $2.99

Includes: 6 page erotic story

Format(s): .docx x1 and .rtf x1

  • Cuckolding Tale of a Stranger's Arrival (Observational Story) BUY True Cuckold Story of Stranger in your home

Price: $2.99

Includes: 7 page erotic story

Format(s): .docx x1 and .rtf x1

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