XY to XX

Sissy Transformation - XY to XX

The SSI’s Femforming XY to XX Training Tasks

Founded, Formulated, and Followed-up by Therapist Samantha Summers

So, you want to transform?

Well, part of any transformation involves personal experience. Therefore, in a series of tasks, you shall experience what the great majority of women experience. That is, a fairly universal experience for many women.

The 1st task is an experience that can fill a woman with dread; the horrible bridesmaid dress! Not only do you have to wear the wretched creation, you have to spend money on the ghastly garment, be seen in public by friends and peers, and worse yet, be photographed from every angle!

More details, plus sample imagery, can be obtained for the low one-time price of $3.99 (USD) through Niteflirt®. For further info and/or to purchase, click below:


Task #2 will be here soon…

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  1. I have sought real feminization/transformation for more years than I can count. I have never found anyone willing to “support” my efforts to the degree I want and have begged for. That degree would leave me unable to pass as a male.

    • The first comment sounds like one I made some years ago. After splitting the cost of a legally drawn contract, I am still trying to achieve “being unable to pass as a male” I have yet to find anyone who will “support” my transition either here or on any other flirts site.

  2. I would have been interested in such feminization tasks, but this one is too extreme for me.

    • Thomas,
      When it comes to Feminization, as well as Tasks associated with Feminization Fetishism, there are many levels (or degrees); from the easy to the difficult, and what is easy and what is hard is relative to the individual. I’m sorry that these were too much for you. I do, however, have tasks that range across the spectrum; some which may indeed be right up your proverbial alley.

  3. How do I join

    • Therapist Summers

      Hello Fraser. When it comes to joining, all of my Programs and Products are hosted and sold via the Niteflirt platform, which has secure billing and does not require any commitments or recurring billing. Thus, if you wish to obtain PTVs by the SSI, you can sign up with Niteflirt here: http://www.niteflirt.com. Thank you for your interest.

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