Bearable Micro Contract

Bearable Micro Blackmail Contract (the Expanded Edition):

Never signed a Consensual Blackmail Contract before?

Well, finally there’s a Blackmail Contract made specifically for the Greenhorns!

Created by Therapist Samantha Summers

(You must be a member of in order to participate in this Adult Entertainment activity. It is free to join, and is risk free.)

Say hello to the Second Edition of my “B.M. Contract” Blackmail Contract! The B.M. stood for the “Bearable Micro” Contract. This new edition is the “B.M.X.“; the “Bearable Micro eXtreme” Contact! Yes, the new name is rather cheesy, but it is supposed to be. At only around one real page in length, and no extra personal information being needed, you can sign (via the click of a button) and say that you ‘kinda-sorta’ got your feet wet in the waters of Blackmailing.

Being the so-called “eXtreme” version, this 2nd Ed. is a bit larger, a tad longer, and a smidgen riskier than my original Micro-sized Blackmail Contract. This new edition is smartphone compatible, free to view, and showcases the Winners & the Whiners. However, you can still obtain the original HERE which comes with a few extras on Blackmail.

The BMX Blackmail Contract consists of 10 rather simple tasks to be done within 60 minutes of signing (but should only take you about half that time) to prevent its solo Disclosure method. It’s just $1.00 (USD) to sign, and the most you’ll spend on non-disclosure is a few more whopping bucks. This is a way to learn some of the ropes firsthand without losing your grip. In other words, despite being the “eXtreme” edition, it remains one of the most risk-less contracts you can sign.

(Just to say, preventing disclosure by obeying the terms of this contract would be a mental victory for you more than anything else really.)

I guess you can compare this contract to Consensual Blackmail as Airsoft is to actual military combat…

Despite all of this down-talk, this contract shouldn’t be taken lightly as a test for if you are ready for the real deal Blackmail Contracts elsewhere & out there. Believe it or not, a much higher percentage of people have been tripped-up by the Bearable Micro Contract than those partaking of my contracts that are over 30 pages long!

(Though it is in-fact a Real Contract, this is the perfect Test before venturing out into the Dark & Dangerous world of Erotic-Exposure!)

So, now it’s the time for me to say that you may have a look at this contract. However, I will also say that below the following image is the contract in its entirety; ready & waiting for your initiation thereof!

Blackmail Contract Overload

Click this image to see all of the contracts that are available for purchase.


 Well, instead you may end up saying “Aww Shoot” with this contract.

It was…

The Most Easygoing Blackmail Contract ever devised, allowing everyone and anyone to give Erotic-Extortion a try.

But it was also…

The Contract with the Highest Failure Rate of any BM contract!

And now it’s back!

Therapist Samantha Summers’

“B.M. Contract”* Blackmail Contract

*Bearable Micro Contract™



1st Edition Finalized on September 27th of 2014 2nd Edition Finalized on the March 21th of 2015

Both Editions Authored by Therapist_Samantha_Summers

This is an Erotic Blackmail Contract between the 2 parties, contractually known as “Seller” and “Buyer”. This contract allows the Seller to do below-shown acts if Buyer doesn’t do below-shown tasks.

This contract initiates the moment the Buyer obtains the “”Bearable Micro Contract” Initiation” in the Signatories area.

Noting & monitoring of the time-limit noted hereinafter is solely the Buyer’s responsibility.

This contract may not be altered in any manner.

In the 1st Edition of the “B.M. Contract”, the most common error made (over 40% of all buyers) was the failure to initiate the contract in order to begin.As with that previous edition, this contract must be initiated first via the link in the Signatories section.Therapist Samantha Summers™

Once this contract is enacted, the Buyer must do all of the following tasks in their increasing numerical order within 60 Minutes (1 hr) of the time this contract is initiated:

  • The Buyer will obtain the $1.00 Pay-to-View here
  • The Buyer will give the PTV a “thumbs-up” rating with the following comment, letter for letter (in quotes below): “.By leaving this, I am proving that I have completed task #1 of the B.M. C.B.M.C. from Therapist Samantha Summers. Why do I get the feeling that Im being selfishly used for my betterment?
  • The Buyer will then find the slide in the PTV of Task #1 which matches the upper left-hand logo on the SSI’s original ‘.com’ website @ Once matched, the buyer will download (save) a copy of the file of that Goody Bag image. The buyer will then change the name of that file to the following (in quotes below) letter for letter:


  • The Buyer will attach the renamed file of task #3 to a Niteflirt® email which says the following in the body of the email, word for word (in quotes below), and send the email to the Seller:

Here is your pic. I better see how many minutes I have left.

  • The buyer will obtain this PTV-mail: and then listen to the short audio attached therein in its entirety.
  • Afterwards, the buyer will write, in the body of a Niteflirt® email, the name of the person whom constructed the definition of Consensual Blackmail currently used by the Seller, by the info on the Seller’s site & listings. The buyer is then to send that mail to the seller via Niteflirt®.
  • Buyer will take a screenshot of this contract on the Seller’s website with the device they’ve been using herein, and then send the image to the Seller via Niteflirt® along with a Tribute that amounts to $2 profit for the Seller.*
  • Next, the Buyer will do the entirety of task #10, and then they are to continue per the aforementioned guideline.
  • The Buyer will get the Pay-to-View located on Niteflirt® via the applicable/appropriate URL which is equivalent to, and also via the URL equivalent to h t t p : / / w w w . n i t e f l i r t . c o m / g o o d i e s / c l i c k / 2 5 3 6 4 7 0 3 – 1 1 8 2 6 3.
  • The Buyer will send an email to the Seller through Niteflirt® which says that the Buyer has finished the last task of this contract, whether or not they enjoyed it, and whether or not they want to go further into the Fetish.

If the Buyer fails to complete any portion of the above tasks properly within the noted time-limit, the Seller will post the first & last characters of their Niteflirt® member name, and their city/state of residence, in the table following this contract on the concerned page of the Seller’s website in the “Vanquished” section thereof.

*Niteflirt® deducts a 30% service/hosting fee per transaction made onto the Seller by a Buyer.

For each individual mistake the buyer had made, the Seller will reveal one more character of their aforementioned name in addition to the two already noted. For example, if a Buyer misses 4 of the tasks, the post may look like:

BRI*N**57 of stonehaven, NY

Depending on the length of the Buyer’s member name, and the number of mistakes made, the Buyer’s entire member name may be shown.

The above may remain on the Seller’s website for an undetermined length of time. Above disclosure method is allowed on Niteflirt®:

Flirts may not post customers’ Member Names, details about calls, information about a Member, or photos of a Member on their listings without their consent as such activities constitute harassment, which is a violation of the Member Agreement.


If the Buyer fulfills all of the terms of this contract, their member name, with only the first & last characters showing, will be posted on the aforementioned table in the “Victor” section indefinitely.

Author reserves all rights to this contract.



I, the Seller, am competent & capable of honoring this contract, have read & do affirm my responsibilities herein.

Seller’s Electronic Signature:

X            Therapist     Samantha     Summers_______________


I, the Buyer, am competent & capable of honoring this contract, have read & do affirm my responsibilities herein.

Buyer’s Electronic Signature:

X      Confirm Electronic Signature and Authorize via below link


BMX™ stands for the “Bearable Micro eXtreme” Contract.

All rights are reserved by Therapist Samantha Summers™

and the Samantha Summers Institute™

SSI Logo with Bearable Blackmail Contract (Image copyrighted by the Samantha Summers Institute of Sexology)

The above logo is the copyrighted property of the Samantha Summers Institute™. The “Bearable Micro Contract” is a copyrighted trademark belonging to the Samantha Summers Institute™. Copyright violations will be not be tolerated.

BMX Blackmail Contract list of Winners & Whiners:

VICTORS: (Just 1 ego has gone unscathed) VANQUISHED: (26 victims thus far )
1) e*********eØ 1) Nitak of Houdeng-aimeries, Belgium
(Umm… Anyone else? No? Yikes. No wonder women love doing Blackmail…) 2) s***-****o of Tokyo, Japan
  3) B*C*t*ve of Reno, Nevada
  4) j*hn *9 of Islip, New York
  5) d**byguy*1 of Reseda, California
  6) y**ass****t of Savannah, Missouri
  7) dolbyguy31 of Reseda, California (…look familiar already? Maybe 3rd time’s a charm for this dunce (a.k.a. Andre).)
  8) j***p*li of San Francisco, California
  9) Stev*BlowJobs of Glendale, Arizona
  10) yod***1 of Christchurch, New Zealand
  11) loze****c of Brussels, Belgium
  12) H*p*n*n**g of North Las Vegas, Nevada
  13) lu**d_d*****r of Monmouth, United Kingdom
  14) r*n***co of Seattle, Washington
  15) nber of Toronto, Canada (2 slips shows all when your name is only a mere 4 letters long… My, my…)
  16) lj04*1 of Saint Paul, Minnesota
  17) AZ Boy of Tuscon, Arizona
  18) s**r**a of Saint Helier, Jersey
  19) C*****N*******9 of Unknown
  20) Andie58 of Dallas, Texas
  21) Pi****k***7 of Asheville, North Carolina
  22) DC*****b of Weston-super-mare, United Kingdom
  23) A********79 of Toronto, Canada
  24) Hay***21 of Cornelius, North Carolina
  25) Si*******l*****g of Lexington, Kentucky
  26) c*****_w of Zaandam, Neatherlands
 Ø It should be noted that the sole winner did a few practice runs & discussed it with Miss Summers before initiating the Contract… (And to think that lucky #13 had $50.00 riding on doing it right. Oh my!)

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