Hypno Assessment

SSI Hypnosis Assessment

“Wisdom of the Eroticized Ignorant Sleep”

Σοφία του ερωτική Αδαείς Αναστολής

The Sexy-Sciences of the S.S.I. extend into the world of Hypnosis

Hypno-Erotic GIF CZgifHypClockAfter having been quietly in the works for almost 100 days, the extensive & arousing Erotic Assessment for Hypnosis Suitability by the Samantha Summers Institute (and approved by the N.S.G.) is finally available!

It contains a dozen unique embedded videos. In addition, this thorough evaluation includes over 60 images, over half of which are of a Sexually Explicit Nature (for a reason). Like other recent exams constructed by Therapist Samantha Summers, which have increased device-compatibility & user-friendliness, this test works on almost all modern browsers & devices (and will even work on an iPod-Touch).

This evaluation isn’t merely some gullibility test, nor is it streamlined NLP-nonsense.* Rather, it will test multiple dimensions of your individual psyche, measure your fit with Erotic & Therapeutic Hypnotics, and examine that tiny brain that’s between your legs. Also, stepping over the other tests, this will be automatically graded, and you’ll see your results immediately after you’ve finished the assessment (while including commentary & a proper explanation of those results that you’ll receive).

As of Q2 of 2018, over 130 people have participated in this Erotic & Educational Evaluation.

Click on the image below to obtain. Once purchased, you may enter the password at the bottom of the page to participate.


See what participants of the Exam have to say…

  • This is a fascinating and insightful piece of work that everybody should explore. I have come to understand myself, and the world we live in, better because of this exercise.” —by D*********d
  • This is very different from any assessment that I can remember. It is fun and seems to capture some of the more clinically based groundings of hypnosis/hypnotherapy.” —by N**r
  • Quite possibly the sexiest test I’ve ever taken, and it’s methods and results definitely speak for themselves. Even after I got my suggestibility rating I’ve taken the test a few more times just because it’s really kind of hot in itself!” —by F***p
  • This assessment was a great exercise. Very, very interesting. Also learned a few things throughout the process. You can tell a great amount of work has been put into this piece. Definitely worth it. Highly recommend.” —by R*******0
  • …it will truly rank you, and was a wonderful immersive experience. Don’t miss out try it now!” —by D***********r
  • This is a excellent test that covers everything related to hypnosis and now she knows just how to get into my head.” —by L***********y
  • Miss Summer’s test was captivating at many different levels. i’d like to do it again just for the sensations and experience. this is mesmerizing and arousing…” —by 6**3
  • A definite Must do, wow, Thank you so much Ms. Samantha.” —by N**********y
  • Great introduction and way to get to know oneself better.” —by H**********t

Note: All of the independent reviews quoted above may be seen in their entirety on this Project’s Product-Info found on Niteflirt®. These and all of the other ‘Thumbs-Up’ reviews may be found by clicking on the PTV button above this grouping of feedbacks. (The SSI does NOT show favor onto those leaving positive reviews and such is against NF’s TOS.)

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*To clarify the meaning of this seemingly spontaneous attack on the Hypnotics system of NLP, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” (see www.nlpu.com for info outside of the SSI); I, Miss Samantha Summers, in addition to other members of the SSI & NSG, feel that NLP does work for certain people and under certain conditions (i.e. those who “believe” that the methodology will work). However, we feel that, as a whole, it is a technique which is inapplicable on a generalized (universal) scale, and thus is too unpredictable -in addition to falling short in other areas. It should be noted that those generally considered to be the leading authorities of/on the NLP Hypnotics System have had to admit that there are 0 Scientific Studies (whether they be Neurological, Psychological, or similar) that have given credence to NLP’s claims; rather, there have been a few studies which may point to the contrary of those claims.


  1. do we have to do all of the assessment at one time?

  2. Perhaps the language (not native English) has influenced my score, but this was fun!

    • That would be correct. There is one question which does not work accurately for those whose native tongue is other than English. So while it would skew the scoring for you, it still would remain fairly accurate overall.

  3. some videos don’t load!

  4. Very Nice

  5. Two of the videos are no longer available on Youtube.

  6. i had to leave and only got this far, I assume I’ve missed some, can you reset it please, it won’t happen again.

  7. Hi how do I get a pass word really like to listen to your hypnosis audios .

    • Therapist Summers

      Hello Rajith. When it comes to accessing my Hypno-based Audios, all of my MP3s are sold via the Niteflirt platform, which has secure billing and does not require any commitments or recurring billing. Thus, if you wish to obtain my Audios or a specific password-protected area, you can sign up with Niteflirt here: http://www.niteflirt.com. Thank you for your interest.

  8. I got a pw (either png or jpg) with six capital letters. it doesnt work at all.
    I am confused with your description: all lowercase letters with no space between(???)

    • My apologies that you were having troubles with the password used to access this content. I have since checked, and the password field is working properly. By “all lowercase… with no spaces“, I was meaning that the password you had received was to be entered as a single word and not as two (which some could mistake it as being) and that those capital letters should be entered as lowercase letters. Thus, if the letters you were referencing happened to be ‘H I H E R E‘, you would enter ‘hihere‘ into the concerned password field in order to access the content you had purchased. If you have any further issues, please let me know.

      Thank you again for your purchase.


      Miss Summers

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