Feminization Fetish

Feminization Fetishism

NOTE: This is NOT a Porn site! Although parts of this website are aimed at sexual gratification (which includes pornographic imagery), this website’s PRIME DIRECTIVE is the spread of awareness, the increase in understanding, and the positive progression of individuals (both physiologically AND psychologically).

Credit: CDLatexLover (bit.ly/1DkKpAK); Click image for Licence.

Credit: CDLatexLover (see http://bit.ly/1DkKpAK for original & details thereof); Click image for Licence used to reproduce the image here.

Is Feminization a Fetish-Focused Farce?

Many would make (and have made) an attempt to say, in their blatant lack in comprehension of the utter complexity, depth, and variance involved, that Feminization is SOLELY a Fetish; that it IS a Fetishism and so my use of the phrase “Feminization Fetishism” is merely redundant double-talk (pun quite intended).

Feminization ShavingUnlike Sissification, Bimbofication, and Slutification, which are often seen as forms or offshoots of Feminization, this Fetish itself is not hypersexualized and is not focused on Erotic Humiliation. Feminization itself is generally focused on the PROCESS of someone becoming Feminine or even being Emasculated. It focuses more on cosmetics, dressing, and things of this nature rather than blatant sexual acts. This can range from trying on wigs, to the shaving of one’s legs, to exploring different styles of jewelry, and so forth. 

Click HERE for more about the major differences between the two forms of Feminization.


You cannot run, you cannot hide, so why bother denying the Girl inside?

A 28 minute Audio (an Erotic, Hypnotic, and Therapeutic Mp3) connecting you with that Girl within for only $9.99 (USD):

(Click on the image below for more information.) Feminization: BUY the Girl Inside Photo-Link


Module #1:

Core Feminization Module One by Therapist Samantha Summers

“Time to rid yourself of that False Male Pride!”

Project Summary:

Consisting of a short 4+ minute Mp3, two visually-enhanced pages of Bimbo based Tasks/Assignments (which may also be taken as Rules), this First Module into the Core Feminization class is a must for all of you Slutty-Girl wanna-be’s for only $3.99 USD.

Click the above cover-photo for more information about purchasing.

By Chinaukgirl (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

By Chinaukgirl (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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