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Sexual Confusion at the SSI

Throughout our life, our Sexual Drive, which I will presently refer to as one’s “Psychosexual Energy”, is as Powerful as Sex is Pleasurable. The Human Sex Drive hardwired into the evolutionary process, is a complex and complicated function. In conjunction with the Biological aspect of Sexuality, there is the Psychological aspect; the mental process. Thus, we arrive at the most fascinating Sexual Organ of all, the Brain. It is our belief that individual sexuality is unique; that no two people have identical sexual signatures so-to-speak. While it is true that many of us share the same general fetishes, and or drives, it is personal experience, an individual’s life experiences that combine with biological and physiological factors, forming a sexual typology, much like a snowflake, unique. And ‘yes’, I said that some people have the same “general” fetishes for a reason. Fetishes can be so broad, complex, and varied, that one person with a Foot Fetish can include specific details or desires which make another person’s Foot Fetish seem alien & wholly unlike the other.

In order for one to fully enjoy the innate, inherent, evolving & living dimension of existence called Sex, one’s ongoing sexual process must be flowing, balanced, and proper for (and of) the individual. Just as one needs good motor skills on top of having appropriate comprehension in order to be a Stenographer, people must have things working correctly both bodily AND mentally so they may obtain pleasure from where pleasures are meant to be found.

Here at the S.S.I. we do just that …and the other thing too.

sexually excited brain - excitation sex therapy

The Purpose, Point & Principles behind THERAPY:

Don’t expect Tender Loving Care during Therapy here. No, no, no…

Here there’s no T.L.C., but rather just T.L.C.; being TOUGH LOVE!

When it comes down to the nuts & bolts, Therapy isn’t about babying someone, nor about enabling or coddling them… One doesn’t have successful Speech-Therapy by being their mouthpiece, nor does one get better from Physical-Therapy if they’re carried to & fro, and one won’t become well during Psychotherapy if the Schizophrenic is labeled merely as being Eccentric —stamp “Mute” on the paperwork, ready that handicapped parking spot, and have a straight-jacket handy when all hell breaks loose! There’s a big difference between aiding someone and outright supporting them; between handing someone some helpful crutches, and hoisting them up by a crane.

THERAPY‘s origin…


Greek: Therapeia

Latin: Therapiae

Original Meaning: “To render a service on to another person of a healing or curing purpose.”

Now here is where people often get confused as to how I can call myself a Therapist at all, licenced or not… I am speaking of the term “Healing.” Some people wonder how can Sexual Indulgence be Therapeutic; how diving into one’s Sexual Fantasies can be seen as Helpful to an individual. Healing has often been described as both Pleasurable AND Painful. The Philosopher Speusippus deemed Pleasure a process between Good & Evil. Aristotle said that Good could be Painful, as in a Doctor doing surgery in order to Heal someone. Tough Love, as noted earlier, is not too dissimilar from surgery. Sometimes a bit of pain is needed during the healing process, and to denounce the process just because a bit of harm is done through the whole process of healing is rather ridiculous.


Paraphilia PrescriptionsParaphilic Prescriptions:


℞xx™ Captioned Pics

This set of 14 Explicit Erotic Photos are Special Captioned-Prescriptions for My Special Paraphiliac-Customers. While covering over a dozen Unique Fetishes, from the Commonly-known (such as Voyeurism & Pornography itself) to the Quite-unknown (such as Agalmatophilia and those of the Autogynephilic variety), each properly paired visual stimuli has a likewise appropriate original caption or comment to further your attention span. Coming to know of these Paraphilic possibilities, you may realize that you are infact already a participant in certain Paraphilic Proclivities you never knew had a name… I know I did! *wink*

—Therapist Samantha Summers

You can get all of these for only $6.99 (that’s only 50¢ a pic) by simply clicking the cover-photo and obtaining it via Niteflirt.

Concerning a CURE for your Rampant Desires:

The word “cure” doesn’t actually work with Fetishes. A Fetish can’t be purposely stomped out, nor can it be ‘cured.’ Rather, Fetishes come & go; existing in accordance with their need to exist (their reason for being someone’s fetish in the first place). While most stay for one’s entire life, others fade away (and yet others fade-in). Through the armor of knowledge, you can reduce the effectiveness of a Fetish (decreasing its need within your yearnings). Doing so will change a Paraphilic-Fetishism back into a self-manageable “Fetish”, and can subdue (lessen) a growing (or problematic) Fetish. Usually one’s Fetishes are not a serious problem on their own. (In fact, quite often when one’s Fetish is a major issue in/of itself, there are other problems going on; those of a Psychological nature {ex. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder}.) A normal Fetish (per-se) becomes an issue when it grows, expands, deepens, and widens; incorporating other fetishes into the cornerstone fetish (which acts in a cancerous manner), and multiplying its own details/extensions. Such is a Fetish that has turned Paraphilic. And so, with by knowledge, you we can chip away at your Paraphilias.

Psychosexual Therapy Sub-Pages:


*As is stated on all of my Niteflirt® listings (and my new website), I clearly disclose that…

Despite having worked in the Mental Health Department, and having had several certifications, I am not a licensed medical professional…

…nor do I claim to be one. The use of the title “Therapist” is merely for advertising purposes. I don’t erroneously or arrogantly elevate what I do on Niteflirt® beyond that which it actually is with individuals (which honestly includes the giving of educational opinions, advice based on personal study & experience, analytic aid, and the like with numerous individuals). I have taken several classes in Psychology, yet I personally would evidence the legitimacy of my ability with my frequent study of Psychological, Sexological, Neurological, and Philosophical areas; studies involving or involved in one’s Psychosexuality being of personal interest & enjoyment to me. (Personally, I am a Jungian on most Psychological issues.) A good number of people have said things to me (usually as a response) with a common atmosphere which can be generically mirrored as:

If you are a real Therapist, then maybe you can help me.

Though I do not believe that most say such with malicious intent, the notion that I cannot help you due to lacking a license could be easily taken as an insult. Yet, simultaneously, I can indeed understand as to why you would state such; in that in all probability none of those which claim to be “Real”, “Actual”, or “Licensed” Therapists on Niteflirt® are actually Licensed, not to mention that many of those women state such ONLY for marketing reasons, while personally lacking interest or knowledge in the field (though I am sure that just as many have a personal love & understanding of such as I do). As explained in my “Choices [to be made]” pay-to-view, I can help, indulge, or mix the two (based on the needs of the individual). If you are looking for the growing fetish of the “Manipulating Therapist“, I would only participate in such capacity if you were to specifically & clearly ask me for such. I know that such would take a lot of the realism out of it, but I cannot & will not take a guess on whether or not someone wants real help or fetishistic enjoyment; rather disappointing a dozen horny men than furthering a psychological problem in one individual. I am sure that you can agree with such reasoning. If you truly desire (or need) help with a Fetish-based Addiction, I can help and have helped multiple other men with such issues throughout the past several years. However, if you are firmly held to the belief that I would harm you despite having asked for help, or that someone cannot give aid without certification, then I shall respect that belief and wish you the best in finding the proper help that you need.

For those of you who may think that “Psychosexual Energy” sounds too New Age, and likened onto a Pseudo-Science, I’d like to note that several respected early Psychologists referred to one’s Mental Processes as “Psychic Energy.”

—Therapist Samantha Summers™

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