Handful of Humiliation


Photos of & by those Horny for Humiliation

This page concerns those with Eroticized Humiliation Fetishisms. Hereinafter are multiple photos of multiple individuals whom claim to have a sexual affinity towards Erotic Humiliation. Faces have been blurred, cropped or obscured to protect the identity of the concerned individuals, as Humiliation-Fetishes are not all “Public”-based (to which there are numerous degrees thereof). (Please do not post photos in the comments section with the wish for said photos to be posted herein. If you wish for your photos to be seen here, contact Therapist Samantha Summers™ via Niteflirt® by clicking HERE.)

HuEx1HuEx7-1 HuEx1-5 HuEx2 HuEx3 HuEx4 HuEx5 HuEx6HuEx7-2

None of those individuals in the above photos were paid for the heretofore photos, nor are they paying for the posting/hosting thereof. In addition, the heretofore photos were willing & proactively taken by the respective individuals as part of their desire for Erotic Humiliation, and were not from Erotic-Extortion (Consensual Blackmail) exposure. (See “Contractual Exposure” for such imagery.)

All photos were released to Therapist Samantha Summers™ via photo-release agreements where the individuals have stated that they were the sole holder of rights to the concerned photo(s) at the time of transferring rights thereof. If you have rights to one of the herein photos, in that there has been a violation of the DMCA of 1998, please contact this site’s admin with the details of your complaint (see also: “Site DMCA Policies”).

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  1. The site so far is wonderful. some very humiliating pictures here

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