At one time or another everyone who is aware of the Fetish world wonders what the Most Common/Popular Fetishism is. Well, you can keep wondering, because I’m not going to be telling you. Why? Because I’m a Knowledge Hoarding Whore? No… Rather it’s because I don’t know the answer… Yes, yes, yes, I’ve heard that Shoe-Sexuality is the most common… Uh huh, I have seen studies which have Foot-Fetishes as the favorite…

So how is the most popular Paraphilia not crystal clear?

Well… I’ve seen another survey (which included taboos) listing “Voyeurism” as #1.

But in yet another, it listed Voyeurism as the 4th most loved strange-loving.

In another, I saw that the dual Fetishism of “Domination” & “Submission” as the highest…

Group Sex” as number one in a different one while ending up as #16 on another survey taken in the same country, the same city, and the same year…

Bondage“, “Latex/Leather (Clothing)”, “Hooker Roleplay“, “Cuckolding“, “Corsets“, ‘Cantaloupes’ (i.e. “breasts“), “underwear“, ‘underwater’ (“aquatics“), under twenty’ (eighteen & nineteen year old’s), and even “Hair Pulling“, all holding onto part of the same trophy; each of those fetishes being at the top spot a’top a top list………….

And I am not talking about some survey made by a horny hacking hermit still at home called Huey whose survey had “Asexualism” (Attraction to Nothing-Sexual) as #1, nor a survey by some stupid swindler named Samantha Summers… Nope, the ones I had noted before Basement-Boy & Swapping-Sami were all pretty legit, well rounded, far reaching, accredited sexological surveys.

So just how clear was that crystal commonality? …….*cricket*…….. Exactly!

My Pay-to-View entitled “Beneath the Fetish Umbrella” was where I listed, defined, and categorized all Fetishes.

(You can, and should, view this First-Time-Ever-Done Filed-Typology of Erotic-Desires via this link for FREE: http://www.SamanthaSummersSexologySchool.com/FuckedFetishFamilies.com)

Darn… I guess the server is down again… Oh, wait, no it’s not… it’s that the filing was a flop! I soon realized why its finalization would have been a First. 

Attempt #1 became a Fetish-Fractal.

Attempt #2 became a Kinky-Knot.

Attempt #3 was Psychosexual-Psychosis…

Like a Sheltered whimpering lethargic Wuss with Genophobia (fear of sex) & Micro-penis Disorder trying to sexually satisfy a Slutty Hedonistic Street-Hooking Narcissist with Nymphomania on Stimulants, by attempt #17 I just gave the heck up… Rather than this becoming a PTV called “The Kinky-Knot that was Kinda-Not”, let me just quickly state some of the issues preventing proper paraphilic profiling, and thus the reason why the original question is a quest you’d quickly quit… (Just as I should quit all of the alphabetical alignments already.)

  • Culture-Clash? Fetishes can differ from culture to culture, where some cultures would be diametrically opposed to the core fetish of another culture.
  • Decade of Desires? Many Fetishes ebb & flow, transform & deform, or start & finish as the years roll by. What’s part of Erotic-Humiliation today may be part of Slutty-Enslavement by Male-Dommes tomorrow.
  • Finally, what is a Fetish? If Latex is a Fetish, and if Corsets are a Fetish, is a Latex-Corset part of the Latex Fetish or the Corset Fetish? If it’s part of both, then are Footwear not a Fetish seeming that all Latex Boots would be in the Latex Fetish and so the Shoe Fetish wouldn’t include Latex? If we say they are both and that they mix, then the Fetish of Shoes would vanish because the whole Footwear Fetish is part of the Fully-Clothed Fetish. Yet the CFNM (Clothed-Female/Nude-Male) Fetishism would be overlapped by the Fully-Clothed Fetish even though CFNM’s core isn’t compatible with pure Full-Clothed paraphilias. Now when the Fetishistic Femme-Domme in latex boots, skirt & corset forces the stripped man to buy every Fully-Clothed-Sex Porno ever made, which Fetish is at the top of his list? Financial Domination of course! Oh, and he prefers Fin-Dommes to wear Metal-Mesh. But she doesn’t consider herself a Fin-Domme; she’s a Femme-Domme. Now Fem-Dom incorporates all of those Fetishes going on there, so does that mean that Fetishes should be grouped into Fetish-Families (Bondage, Discipline, Chastity, Cock/Ball Torture, Chokers, Suspension, etc. together as Fem-Dom)? But being Financially Dominated by a Femme-Domme wouldn’t be a Fem-Dom Fetish to the Straight-Female who has a Forced-Bi Fin-Dom Submission Fetish. Yet all the while the Femme-Domme’s fetish is Fanciful Reversing-Roleplaying, and is sexually submissive on the vanilla-sex level. Now if we divide everything into 1 or 2, A or B, Sub or Dom, Male or Female, Clothing-based or Nude-based, we’re back to black & white and might as well go with the old categories for all Fetishes: “Spiritual”-Love (Fetish towards a State of Mind) & “Plastic”-Love (Fetish for a Material Thing), where Cow-boy/girl Roleplaying can’t be defined to just one or the other… nor can virtually any fetish. Virtually all fetishes connect to all of fetishes. But then comes the question again… What is a FETISH? ‘Fuck knows!’ Hence the problem… Too broad is too bland, too exact is too erroneous, too layered is too lengthy, two dimensional is too delusional, because to define types of sexuality would mean to confine our very individuality!!! –though I still hope to figure it out one day. *wink*

Sexual Fetishes Categories Attempt

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