Special Sucker Showcase

Humiliatrix Sa Jane Smith is DisgracedProud to Present

The Samantha Summers Institute’s



This Visual-Gallery involves dynamic image loading, causing a slight delay.

Thus, be a Good Patient via being Patient waiting to view the Pathetic.

Shortly you will see the Model-Malformations materialize below.

This SHOWCASE has received 6980 views as of Thursday 25th of July 2024 08:07:00 AM PST.

Note: The view-count above includes views from TUMBLR* and TWITTER*, in addition to first-hand here at the SSI, via framed content. Viewing a static ad for the Showcase does not register a view, nor are bots counted as views. The count may be updated at any time by refreshing this page.

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…and take note that those you see making-up the slides of this eyesore-of-a-showcase are NOT all who had participated in the attempt at Proving their Pathetic Pleasures. Rather, they are merely those populating 1 of 3 groups of participants! …there being three levels of exposure via this PTV project.

Was this the highest LOWEST of the 3 levels?

Guess you’ll have to experience it yourself to find out…



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