Know Yourself

γνῶθι σεαυτόν

Possibly the most repeated & known of the infamous Delphic Maxims, γνῶθι σεαυτόν (Gnōthi Seafton), rings within someone’s ears as the command, advice, challenge or warning of “Know Thyself.”

With an ironic keeping to the stance of the masses, we shall use this opportunity for you to indeed ‘know yourself’; to know of, and to understand, your individual personality while it may still being categorized accordingly & accurately.

CognitiveFunctions-Jungian-TypologyTherapist Samantha Summers™, and the S.S.I. as a whole in general, affirm the legitimacy, usefulness, & accuracy of the the “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” Assessment. Also known as the MBTI, the evaluation is a serious & extensively studied Personality Test (typology) based off of the 1921 book “Psychological Types” which was authored by the renowned Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. Though there are many scams, thieves, and people who simply hate everyone who isn’t in the lonely pungent basement with them, there are numerous proper/appropriate variants (or similar Typology Methodologies) which are based around the MBTI® and/or Jung’s original work.

One of these applicable assessments is that which was developed by, and is given by, Humanmetrics™ Incorporated, using their trademarked version called JTT™ (“Jung Typology Test™”).

Just as knowing one’s Fetish(es) is quite an important piece of the picture (puzzle) to have in order to help one with their sexuality (whether it be for the purpose of lessening it, or be it for deeper indulgence), knowing one’s Psychological/Behavioral typology can greatly aid in getting that person towards their proper place (per-se).

Thus, I, Lady Summers, strongly suggest that you complete Humanmetrics’ JTT™ when you have the time for such. The test, made up of 72 simple multiple choice questions, takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. At the completion of said questionnaire, your results will consist of a single series of 4 letters, like those sets seen throughout the diagram above. You can view & participate in said typological evaluation via the link hereinafter:

Jung Typology Test from/by Humanmetrics, Inc.

Once you have obtained your results, I would request that you make such letters (Personality Type Portions) known to me.



  1. Hello Miss Summers , I took your test two or three years ago remember me ENFJ . Having explored two separate fetishes that are possibly connected with you as my guide , I can say I’ve learned and had fun along the way . Honestly I feel like a king ready to take on the world a dominant with a submissive side .

  2. OK, so it said i was INTJ
    Introvert(9%) iNtuitive(9%) Thinking(22%) Judging(3%)…
    not sure what that means, or how it relates to my masturbation habits…
    which include: needing to be watched and strictly directed by an understanding, yet strict Mistress willing to provide me with the following:

    1) Instruct me EXACTLY how to masturbate. Meaning: How to hold or grip my penis. How fast (or slow) to pump my penis. etc…

    2) order me to STOP and LET GO of my penis, so that it may closely examined and measured.

    3) Also, provide words of encouragement when I manage to follow her instructions. And, conversely be critical or terse otherwise.

    As well as strict punishments as she see’s fit.

  3. Hello,

    this sissy got INFP.

  4. I got ISTJ. What now?

  5. I took this test and got INTP. What would you like me to do now? :)

    • Therapist Summers

      Hello Mr. INTP,
      Well, I would like to hear whether or not you feel that the Qualities generally attached with I,N,T, & P match the You you know (per se).
      Knowing one’s Self is cornerstone to completeness; whether such concerns social or sexual, private or professional.
      Thus, while I would direct you towards participation in the Sexual-Typology Tests available here at the SSI, having confidence in comprehending those Typological Characterizations should come first.
      …especially when an understanding of the Jungian or Briggs-Myers Typology system would greatly help in understanding the results obtained via my aforementioned Tests.
      Thank you for sharing your results Daniel.
      Miss Summers

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