Psychosexual Art


Fetishistic Art by Regular Fetishists

Within Therapist Summers’ Improved “Sexual Health Questionnaire“, individuals were, and continue to be, given a small activity as part of the form which involves symbolically drawing their personal Sexuality in a simplistic manner.

The questionnaire itself is still available and can be found here:


Below are the relevant directions concerning the artwork:

…do your best to draw the MOST SIMPLISTIC visualization of your Sexuality as a whole.

Following are 35 of those Psycho-Sexual drawings.

NOTE: Each was done by a unique individual.

You will see that most are simplistic, as stated in the directions, but some are quite detailed; some are quite symbolic, while others are realistic. All drawings were included below in order not to bias this publication.

Only the cropped thumbnails are displayed in the gallery, so click on an image below in order to see it in its entirety and in full size.

All of the above images of concern were used with permission given by each of the concerned owners through attested grant. Any concerns over copyrights should be addressed through our CONTACT after reviewing our DMCA Policy.


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