Therapeutic Domination

The Therapeutic Domination Method

Adult AidDom™ : Aidful Domination

“Dominating you for your sake”

The “Therapeutic Domination Method” is a controversial Psychosexual Technique used by the Samantha Summers Institute in the treatment of Sexual Addiction.

The controversy over its use can be summed up in the question of whether or not an Addiction of any form can be cured via Indulgence of the Substance, Activity or Behavior which is Addictive to an individual.

For this method’s specific implementation within Erotic Extortion (Consensual Blackmail), see


Description: In this Special Eroticized Infographic, you will take a look at how the Unique “Therapeutic Domination Method” from Therapist Summers works; on both a general, as well as a specific, level. Divided into its 8 Main Steps, you’ll both see matching illustrations & images, as well as read summarized commentary for each Step. In addition to the main steps themselves, there are also a few branches (or possible detours, such as disregard of the Therapeutic Recommendations) detailed within this infographic as well. The infographic itself is over 4.5 Megabytes in size, and offers a hefty amount of detail.

(While this graphic is technically Safe for Work, it is not recommended that you do so.)

Therapeutic Domination Method Infographic

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Following is a 1/10th Video Teaser Preview of the movie which can be obtained afterwards.

Below you will find the link to this Free-to-View Preview’s full Pay-to-View Production…

The full video includes:

  • 3 summarized stories of individuals who have participated in the process (each being unique)
  • narration of several portions done by me myself (i.e. Miss Samantha Summers, its creator)
  • explanation of the proven-pros & the supposed-cons of this technique
  • 4 pulse-pounding tracks full of empowering background beats/music
  • Available in several sizes (426 x 240, 854 x 480, & 1200 x 800)

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Therapeutic Domination Method Movie Thumbnail

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