Invite Entrance

Hold it right there Mr. Newcomer!

Just as the Title of this Page says, this entrance is for those bearing an Invite.

To answer your inevitable erroneous speculation, “No,” it is not an Invite you can simply obtain via some link, nor is it a gimmick granted to any wanderer who writes me a mere mail…

“No”, “no”, “no”… “Nyet”, “nine”, “nei”… “Laa”, “lah”, “le’la”… “Jo”, “mị̀”, “doo’yee”… and ending with aNã’ã.”

Not that simple darling, nor so bland & unsatisfying. Rather, the “Invitation” is just that, an Individualized Invite which asking for will go unanswered, begging for will leave you barren, and demanding would only fall upon deaf ears. You know the old saying, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”? Well, for this VIP side-door into Special-Spaces, you will get it only if “I” give it.

Now, as such invitations for inside shall solely go to those of my choosing, at a time decided by me, only for the few who match certain exclusive criteria, you would be better off not to dwell anxiously upon the iota-sized possibility of an Invite.

(And ‘no’, knowing what languages all of those “No”s belong to up there isn’t one of the Criteria for admittance… though it wouldn’t hurt.)

All of that being said, I feel that it is only proper that you disdain from obsessing over this Elite-Entryway to Erotic-Ecstasy…

And what better way than keeping your excited brain (the one in your head upstairs) a little busy? So below, just for that purpose, is a little game to keep your mind off of the theoretical arrival of your personalized pass-key. But, as the average male’s mind is being deprived of the necessary blood flow for adequate analysis as a result of roaming around my pages, it is a very small game… being so simple it is silly! It is a single-stride game, where the rule[s] is elementary, and the goal is constant, while your strategy can only be minimal.

The name of the game is “TIC, TAC, TOE“, and with just X’s & O’s, and a mere mindless line of code as your competition… only a Hopelessly-Entranced Homo-Erectus would find it futile; leaving it behind out of Errant Frustration & Humiliation.

So, are you ready to play such a simple game?

Then start playing…

Note: Javascript must be enabled in order to play.

On the other-hand… on the off-chance that you’re here because you have found yourself to be invited here…

Then just leave the Tic, Tac, Toe to the Dullards, Doofuses, and Dopes while continuing down below…

Illogical Invitational Iota (credit to - public domain image)

So, if you have indeed received an Invitation to partake of what is inside…

…you need only enter your personal pass-phrase below to begin:

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