Foot Fetishism

The Foot Fetish


The Foot Fetish, also known as Foot Partialism & Podophilia, is one of the most common of the Sexual Fetishes. Despite generally being associated solely with an attraction towards ones Feet (pun intended), the Foot Fetish houses quite the variety of Sexual Desires.

Foot Fetish Diagram

The above diagram merely scratches the surface of the Foot Fetish. Just as there is a similarity to the Breast Fetish, in that both Fetishes have individual tastes for size, shape, color, proportion, and can have their focus on certain parts such as the aureole, the Foot Fetish is individualized to certain parts of the Foot. Toes for instance can be the focal point of someone’s fetish, and even this can be broken down into specific size, length, and shape. On top of this, the toe nails may or may not be important, and if they are the whole shape, size, color, specifics come into play once again.

But the look of ones feet aren’t the only thing that can be important or central to a person’s Foot Fetish. Many with this Fetish focus their sexual attention to the actions of ones feet, such as the wiggling of the toes, their motion in Pilates, or, to get straight into the hardcore, how good they can give a Foot Job.

While the Foot Job can be said to be the iconic sexual representation of the Foot Fetish in action, actualization of the Foot Fetish likewise comes in numerous forms. It can be seen in Dominant (such as fucking someone’s soles) and Submissive (such as being stepped on) ways. It can also be seen in Worshiping (such as kissing one’s feet) and Objectifying (such as using someone’s feet as a cum dump) forms.



Is it the Foot or is it the Shoe?

There are those who state they are a Foot Fetishist while actually having a Shoe or Boot Fetish. 


Foot OR Shoe — The Foot Fetishist’s Typology Test

Foot Fetish Test or Shoe Fetish Test

Do feet meet your fancy? Or is it shoes that tie your sexuality together?

This Erotic Exam is based off of the SSI’s original “PsychoSexual Typology Test™”.

DESCRIPTION: This examination of the sole contains over 50 images as choices, visual references, examples, etc., in addition to a short 30 sec. erotic video. The Password needed to take a peek or to participate is found within this PTV once purchased. See for this PTV’s intro & specs. You do NOT need to provide any personally identifying information in order to view your results (though if you would like a copy of your answers, a valid email address will be needed).



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