Intro to FinDom

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With the growth of Capitalism comes a higher number of individuals with a large[r] income. With increased income generally coincides an increase in disposable income, and with this ability comes a desire for the finer things –the more expensive things to state it simply. When someone has little to spend, the mentality is “what can I buy?” On the other end, the person who has much to spend lives with the mentality of “what can’t I buy?” It becomes a personal status symbol & ego booster to be able to not only buy the elite of things, but also to buy large quantities of the high quality things; not just to obtain Beluga caviar, but to get a 20 oz container of it. This is not only at work with foods but also furniture, clothes, cars, and yes, SEX. Men who have means (so-to-speak) desire the most expensive women, whether that be the cliché Gold-digging teen or the Experienced Dominatrix. Spoiling the individual obviously plays a major role in this paradigm; “the more I spend on her, the more worth I prove to her.” Outside of literal “Proof-of-Income”, spending money is evidence of having money (something that even the ‘poor’ can do today with Credit Cards & Loans –at least temporarily). Also there is the duality complex. Just as he with power wants to be subjugated, he with money wants to lose it (well, spend it). What thrill is there in saving, compiling & investing? The Financial Thrill comes from seeing that the money being used/spent. Through this analysis (which is admittedly simplified) it is quite easy to see how one falls into the Paraphilia (Fetish) known as “Financial Domination” (commonly written as “Fin-Dom“). As with any stimuli, one needs more & more of it (on an exponential scale) in order to obtain the same level of enjoyment (or greater). Thus, one can also see how someone becomes addicted to said fetish (i.e. becomes a Financial Domination Addict). (Originally written & published on January 1st of 2014 by Therapist Samantha Summers™ @ {Link no longer available.}) 1-1251386034h469

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