Types of Cuckolds

The Types of Cuckolds according to the S.S.I.

The Psychosexual Paraphilia (Fetish) known as Cuckolding (Cuckoldry) is broad & diverse, as with many Fetishes. Cuckolding’s wide spectrum can be broken down (categorized) into many formats. One could divide it into two types, one for each end of the spectrum, or someone can show it as virtually innumerable forms, going inch by inch along the miles of diversity. The S.S.I. felt that a standardized categorization should exist, and so the Cuckoldry Division did just that. Not wanting it to be over-simplified, nor too complex, the C.D. of the S.S.I. officially divided Cuckolding into 8 semi-general (and semi-specific) categories for the public. (So, here they are; the SSI’s Types of Cuckolds.) Below is a dualistic chart showing these 8 types of cuckolds in relation to the amount of physical participation usually involved (whether it be actual or fantasy-based), and how close the types of cuckolds are to the original Cuckoldry of the Medieval Ages & Renaissance Era. Types of Cuckolds (Cuckoldry Fetish Type Chart) For a 15 minute long explanation of the above 8 types of Cuckolds, see Therapist Samantha Summers’ Mp3 about such here for only $8.00 (USD) via Niteflirt®: BUY Types of Cuckolds Erotic Informational Audio (Pay to View)

Sexual Summaries of the Types of Cuckolds:

  1. PONDERER: The Cuckold who wonders about what his significant other could possibly be doing while out.
  2. PUSSY-PREPPER: He who helps bathe, dress, and ready his love for an evening with a different lover of hers.
  3. OBSERVER: Not a Peeping-Tom, nor a Snooping-Spouse, rather this Cuckie loves Porn right in front of him.
  4. PUSSY-CLEANER: When the extra sex in the sack is said & done, the Cuckolded lad starts to lick, lick, lick.
  5. PENIS-PREPPER: Waving good-bi’ to his supposed heterosexuality, this Cuck gives a little help to the Cock.
  6. PENIS-PLEASER: This kind of Cuckolded Subbie is out to make the big-dicked Macho Master o’ so happy.
  7. PENIS-PLEASURER: There’s no humiliation to be had, this Cuckie flat out desires to suckie AND get pumped.
  8. GAY-PRECIPICE: Having crossed the Bi-boundary, this Cuck might as well admit there’s no need for a woman.

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