Ruination Fetishism

  • Ruination Fetish
  • It’s Destructive
  • Self-Destructive
  • Lusting for Ruin

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The Sub-Fetish within the wide-ranging Sexual Fetish of Financial Domination, Eroticised “Ruination” is a lit match dangling above a bucket of gasoline.

Likewise, a form of “Erotic Humiliation”, Fetishistic Ruin is a man who takes a leap at bungee-jumping while holding both ends of the cord.

There is virtually no risk-taking in full-blown Ruination, for ‘risk‘ implies opposite possibilities, and in the desires of the Ruination-Fetishist there is no other option outside of RUIN

Thus, one could say, that the Ruined-wannabe has the motto of…

Ruination Fetish where success in not an option

YEAH!! …wait. What?…

While Fetishistic Ruination is often associated with, or actually paired to, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, it is a situational-sexuality commonly connected to Fetishes outside of the Financial sort. On par with the FinDom variants, in terms of popularity, are those centered around EROTIC HUMILIATION. (Note: Despite being spoken of separately, these two slices of the proverbial pie are not wholly separate, and do have areas of crossover, as is confusingly common throughout virtually all Sexual-Fetishes.)

Thrill-Seekers (a.k.a. the Adrenaline-Junkies of the Land-o-Lust) are also seen among those participating in the Games of Ruination; games that are often all-too-real for people.

Come & Run or Cum and take the Leap (Fetishistic Ruination or Close Call?)

Rounds of Ruination

Following is a categorized list of example actions pertaining to different forms of the Ruination Fetish. Due to the complexity & inter-connectivity of Fetishes, and Sexuality in general, you will find that many of the examples could, despite being listed in one category, be found in one or more of the other forms of Ruination. One can also see how as individual items, these examples can be compared to single acts of Erotic Humiliation; yet once these acts are grouped together and multiplied, the act of Ruination becomes apparent.


  • Investing in things which are generally guaranteed to loose money, such as putting one’s money into a supply of Perishable Goods and holding onto them.
  • Gambling large sums of money while making stupid bets, such as betting on the Jamaican Bobsled Team, or calling for another card when at 21 in Blackjack.
  • Purposely buying large quantities of items you don’t have any need for, such as buying 100 bottles of shampoo & 100 bottles of conditioner despite being bald.


  • Making damning posts on Social Media, such as making lewd remarks of a sexual nature, as well as making insulting comments on universally sided issues.
  • Putting inflammatory bumper-stickers all over whatever you’re driving; an example being one saying “Golf is as boring as your Wife in bed” on your Golf Cart… (Well, I guess that one could be taken another way that would aid your reputation with Single & Cuckold Golfers!)
  • Eating gassy foods prior to a Social Function; True Example: A Lactose-Intolerant Man drank a Half-Gallon of Milk prior to meeting with a group of High Class couples.
  • Standing out on your front lawn during the day while in nothing but your boxers while scratching your groin obsessively in full view of your neighbors & passersby to see.


  • Purposely eating fatty foods to gain weight, taking up smoking to cause yellowing of your teeth, and neglecting to bathe in order to have Body Odor & Acne.
  • Getting a really, really, lame and overall ugly looking Tattoo; though these days you’d have to think long & hard about what would NOT get praises from some group.
  • Growing a bushy mustache and then purposely exposing oneself to Nasal Allergens in order for their Nose to run and crust throughout their mustache hairs.


  • Looking up all sorts of outrageous Porn Sites, bookmarking them, and saving the Pics to the Desktop, all while on the Laptop of your Significant Other.
  • Kicking off your shoes and resting them on your office desk, and then telling your inquiring Boss that you’re modeling him in order to get a promotion.


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