Therapeutic Blackmail



‘Just as a knife as a sword can sever & harm, and a knife as a scalpel can suture & heal, Consensual Blackmail can be used to trample AND to treat.’

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NOTE: This page (and those through it) concerns the Therapeutic Methodologies which make up “Constructive Blackmail.” Such techniques involve the deployment of Erotic-Extortion (Consensual-Blackmail) as a necessary part thereof. For Therapeutic means to aid someone whom finds themselves with a Paraphilic Blackmailing-Fetishism, see those Blackmail Therapies on & through “Re: Blackmail.”

The service of “Constructive Blackmail” is a series of Therapeutic Psychosexual Techniques developed by the Neo-Socratic Group™ (founded ca. 2006) and are employed (and further developed/expanded) by the SSI. Despite its utilization of Eroticized-Extortion (most commonly known as “Consensual Blackmail), it is not centered on such, rather being focused on its purpose of Psychosexual betterment (hence properly being deemed a Therapeutic measure). Although this service has numerous variants and various uses, it is most often deployed in the treatment of Psychosexual Addictions to Paraphilic-Fetishes. This form of treatment is both extreme and controversial, and so is only used under certain circumstances. It could be considered a “tough love” methodology. Taming the Blackmail Beast with Extortion (Constructive Consensual Blackmail Contracts)

For the Main Therapeutic Blackmail Contract, and Therapeutic Domination in general, as well as its associated Infographic and Video, see and

Examples of Therapeutic Blackmail forms/methods (plus samples):

  • “Contractual Weighing”

    • SAMPLE: “As part of the Constructive-Coercion aspect/portion of this agreement, the Client has set a personal fitness goal pertaining to body weight. Said goal is to be hereinafter coerced via it being a contractual obligation onto the Client which is to be monitored by the Provider herein, and thus subject to inherent consequences if hereafter set goal is not accomplished by the Client. Consequences may also occur if the hereinafter weekly minimum weight losses are not accomplished by the Client.”
    • DESCRIPTION: Coming Soon
  • “Non-Erotic Chastity Coercion”

    • SAMPLE: “Herein this contract, “Chastity” is the “withholding of unnecessary physical actions of a sexual nature which occur on a sub-par level of consciousness.” (Or, to rephrase, ‘stopping someone from overindulging in material sexuality.’) Per & via this contract, the Provider is to implement (bring on) Chastity onto the Client hereof for certain periods of time (sessions) by the use of a “Chastity-Device” and control aspects thereof with provisions & procedures hereinafter.”
    • DESCRIPTION: Coming Soon
  • “Contractual Budgeting”

    • SAMPLE: “Part of the concerned Treatment is the Provider’s monitoring and partial control of the Client’s budget (expenses, spending, saving, investing, etc.) in order to prevent excessive misuse of funds and to make the Client aware of certain aspects thereof.”
    • VISUAL GUIDE: You can get a good & well rounded look at the methodology of this form of Therapeutic Blackmail (as well as some of the necessary activities involved in its use) via the 8-slide visual guide which may be purchased through Niteflirt® for only $5.43 (USD). Click on the image below for more information and/or to obtain:
      • BUY Contractual Budgeting Samples (Constructive Blackmail Technique) Pay to View
    • A COUPLE OF CLAUSES: “The Client must send the Provider a copy (screenshot, photo, image, or similar) of their Bank transaction details (statement) each/every Monday throughout the duration of this contract via Niteflirt® mail. Said copy must show all transactions (debits, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, deductions, bank fees, and similar) which had occurred during the previous 7 days (i.e. from the previous Monday through Sunday). The Client must make any/all account numbers, routing numbers, usernames, passwords, or similar, in/on said copy completely illegible via removing, blacking out, covering, or the like, prior to being sent to the Provider. All other information must be clear and legible therein/thereupon. The Client’s failure to provide said copy properly and/or by the allotted due date will result in the employment of one or more level-1 &/or level-2 disclosure methods. If the Provider finds strong evidence of alterations having been made to a said copy for the purpose of deceiving the Provider, one or more level-2 disclosure methods may be implemented. The Client must give written notification to the Provider within 48 hours (2 days) if their average monthly income has a change, up or down, of 25% or more. Failure to notify the Provider of such may result in the implementation of one or more level-1 disclosure methods.
    • DESCRIPTIONComing Soon
  • “Intoxication Inhibition”

    • SAMPLE: As one of the principal purposes of this Contractual Agreement the Client hereof is obligated to cease their Consumption of Alcohol (Alcoholic Beverages) in order to maintain Sobriety. This Contractual Obligation is to be proven via the Client hereof following Contractual Conditions hereinafter. All Terms & Conditions herein this contract for the purpose of this “Positive Proof” MUST be completed by the Client in the manner detailed hereinafter. Failure for the Client to abide by the noted Terms & Conditions herein may result in negative consequences onto the Client and those near to said individual. These consequences are noted in the sections herein this Agreement pertaining to “Disclosure.”
    • DESCRIPTION: “Intoxication, whether it be through Alcohol, Poppers, or other Inebriating Substances, even Nicotine, is often Incorporated into Sexuality (both Fetishistic as well as Vanilla). Due to this, those with Sex Addictions commonly simultaneously house Intoxication-based Addictions. Saying that “Sex is Intoxicating” takes on a deeper meaning in this respect. Hence, this special Consensual Blackmailing Contract was birthed by Therapist Summers for the purpose of aiding those dealing with Intoxication Problems. This thorough & binding Contract brings the State of Sobriety to a New Level of Strictness; detailing Unique Methods of Proof to make sure the person is keeping compliant.”
    • SPECIFIC CONTRACT: The “Intoxication Inhibition” Contract, housing over 40 Pages of Details, Procedures, and Terms, is available for $19.99 via clicking on the image below:
      • Contractual Sobriety by the Samantha Summers Institute LLC
  • “Extorted Exposing”

    • SAMPLE: “Coming Soon”
    • DESCRIPTION: “Extorted Exposure”, which can be used for Therapeutic or Erotic purposes, is a contract-dependent methodology where the “Client” must complete type-specific tasks/assignments in order to prevent the “Provider” from disclosing information from/of the Client. In this case, examples of the ‘type-specific’ tasks would be telling his significant other of Homoerotic fantasies, or placing an ad on craigslist pertaining to themselves. Meanwhile the disclosures that would be allowable to the Provider if the Client fails at their obligations would be of a much riskier nature than the aforementioned tasks (hence keeping the proper imbalance of power needed for Erotic-Extortion to be applicable). In one statement, one could simply say that this form of Consensual-Blackmail is “Expose a little or I will Expose a lot!”

Here at the Samantha Summers Institute, we are readily open to the Customization, and/or Personalizing of, our catalog of contracts (as seen through the release of our “Custom Contract Quote Calculation Tool” found HERE), and this continues to be the case with Constructive-Contracts. However, due to the uniqueness involved within each Therapeutic-Extortion Contract, they must be developed & deployed on a 1-on-1 basis and not through any templates, previous-constructions, or solo contemplatives.



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