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Forced-Bi Blackmail Contract

(A List of Available Erotic-Extortion contracts (Consensual Blackmail Contracts) can be found below the following Free'view Comparison.)

Free Preview (via image below) of one of four eroticized graphs/charts comparing all available Blackmail Contracts constructed by Therapist Samantha Summers™ (as of November 2014), being 13 in number, and other Personalized & Non-Blackmail contracts (a total of 20+ documents being detailed and compared in an "Infographic" Style):

Blackmail Contracts Compared Preview

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All 4 printable full-color charts (including the above) in their full resolutions

are available for immediate download for only $2.99 (USD) here:

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As of March 13th 2017, an updated version can be found here:

Detailed List of Available Blackmail Contracts

# of Unique Blackmail Contracts Available: 20 (as of October 31st, 2017.)

Click any on the following list to jump to that contract, or just scroll down this page.


Unique Contracts available by Therapist Samantha Summers™ via Niteflirt® (no previous purchase necessary):

    1. Main Standardized Extortion Contract

      • 32 page long contract
      • 5 Levels of Disclosure
      • 24+ Exposure methods
      • 4 Formats to view (PDF, DOCX, Image, & Online) ⇐Only Contract available online
      • Foundation-Contract
      • Printable & Applicable
      • $24.99 (USD) ⇐ Current Sale Price (Normally priced at $49.99)
        • BUY Main Standardized Contract
        • STANDARDIZED (Feb. 8th of 2015)
    2. Blackmail-Roulette™

      • This contract is only 1 page long (Legal-Size of 8.5" x 14")
      • Possibly the most dangerous contract available (here or anywhere else)
      • Available in pdf, docx & image formats ⇐Only other contract available in image format
      • Was looked over by a Licensed & Practicing Attorney with over 20 years experience
      • This can be printed & signed as is
      • Virtually an Open-Ended contract
      • 100% legally applicable for use
      • Only $9.99 (USD)!
        • BUY Blackmail Roulette Contract
        • STANDARDIZED (Nov. 20th of 2014)
    3. Novice-to-Intermediate Coerced Chastity

      • 32 pages in total length
      • 30 Day Contract Duration
      • Requires Male Chastity Belt
      • Explanatory Photos & Diagrams
      • Specific methods to Prove Obedience
      • 2 methodologies covering 90% of devices
      • Good for Newbie & Moderately Experienced
      • 2 Levels of Disclosure; 4 Forms of Exposure
      • View in Rich Text, PDF, or Word Document
      • Partial plasticity of terms and conditions
      • $24.99 (USD)
        • BUY Coerced Chastity Contract
        • STANDARDIZED (Nov. 2nd of 2014)
    4. Generic (Original Contract from June 2013)

      • Only 5 pages in length
      • 2 levels of Disclosure
      • 6 Exposure Methods
      • 90 day set duration
      • Available in PDF format (DOCX version available upon request)
      • Replaced by Main Standardized Extortion Contract (Some changes needed to sign)
      • $19.99 (USD) ⇐ Changes needed so that it is applicable to be signed are gratis if requested
        • BUY Main Original Contract
        • -
    5. Short-Term (just 7 day duration)

      • 6 pages of concrete contract
      • Designed for the Erotic-Extortion Novice
      • Contract terminates after only one week (7 days)
      • Likewise designed for higher rate of thrill via less leeway
      • 6 forms of information exposure available to the Provider
      • Contract may be renewed ad infinitum
      • $20.00 (USD) ⇐ Changes needed so that it is applicable to be signed are gratis if requested
        • BUY Short Term Blackmail Contract
        • -
    6. General Erotic Humiliation

      • 9 pages in present length
      • Involves Private AND Public Tasks
      • 90 day contractual duration
      • 4 required weekly Humiliation Tasks
      • Failure to complete tasks can result in exposure
      • 6+ methods of disclosure available for use
      • Available in PDF format (DOCX version available upon request)
      • $25.00 (USD) ⇐ Changes needed so that it is applicable to be signed are gratis if requested
        • BUY Humiliation Contract
        • -
    7. Small Penis Humiliation

      • 8 page long Blackmail Contract
      • 8 unique contractual assignments centered on SPH
      • Has a preset duration of 60 days from the day you sign
      • Allows for 12 different types of Disclosure
      • Sold as a PDF file and Word Document
      • Not for those who are new to Small Penis Humiliation
      • $20.00 (USD) ⇐ Changes needed so that it is applicable to be signed are gratis if requested
        • BUY SPH Blackmail Contract
        • -
    8. 100 Days of Chastity (Experienced Chastity)

      • Details coming soon
      • -
      • $19.99 (USD)
        • BUY Continuous Chastity Blackmail Contract PTV
    9. Forced-Bisexuality (Original Version)

      Blackmailed to Suck Cock (Gloryhole Extortion) Censored Pic

      • 7 page long Blackmail Contracts
      • 7 Contractual Tasks of Coerced Bisexual Activity
      • 40 day long total duration
      • 2 Degree Levels of possible Disclosure
      • 6 Exposure Methods per Level of Disclosure
      • Available in PDF format (DOCX version available upon request)
      • $20.00 (USD) ⇐ Changes needed to be signed and are gratis if requested
        • BUY Forced Bi Contract
    10. Forced Feminization

      • 8 page long Blackmail Contract
      • 5 weeks worth of Feminizing Tasks
      • 25 individual contractual coerced Assignments
      • 6 weeks from contract's start to completion
      • 6 forms of Exposure at the Provider's disposal
      • Available in PDF format (DOCX version available upon request)
      • $20.00 (USD) ⇐ Changes needed so that it is applicable to be signed are gratis if requested
        • BUY Forced Fem Contract
        • -
    11.  Sissy–Made (Sissification) Extortion Arrangement

      • Sissification Consensual Blackmail Contract (Complete Web Version - Purchase Necessary)  More details available below & HERE.
      • 40 Pages long, filled from top to bottom like a how-to handbook of Seductive Servitude
      • Six weeks of Sissy-specific Chores & Assignments; the contract lasting 7 weeks
      • Includes 5 divisible degrees of motivation (i.e. Exposure Methods)
      • Available in 4 full formats (Word Doc, PDF, Rich Text & Web pg.)
      • Includes official District Court Document to confirm consent
      • $24.99 (USD)
        • BUY Sissification Consensual Blackmail Contract, 2nd Edition (Erotic Extortion PTV Contract) Bundled Versions PTV Button - NF Affiliate Link
        • STANDARDIZED (June 14th of 2015) 
          • 11-B. [1st Ed.] Forced Sissy-Maid Contract (*DEPRECIATED*)
            • Complete length of Ten pages
            • Six week long contractual duration
            • 5 weeks of Special Sissification Tasks
            • Over 30 individual contractual assignments
            • Not for those with non-Humiliation Feminization
            • Structured like a series of Sissy-Maid classes
            • Total of 6 forms of information disclosure
            • Some Sissy experience recommended
            • $20.00 (USD) ⇐ DEPRECIATED CONTRACT (inapplicable for activation)
              • BUY Forced Sissy Maid Blackmail Contract ← as a READ-ONLY contract.
                • See #11 noted above for 2nd Expanded Edition
    12. Oblivious October Outing (Subtle Self-Disclosure)

      • Oblivious October Outing - Consensual Blackmail Fetish Contract
      • 50 pages in total length
      • An Assignment-based Foundation
      • For Halloween, but applicable year-round
      • 49 Day Contract Duration (1 month for Tasks)
      • Multiple Explanatory Images & Erotic Illustrations
      • 3 Task-oriented sections (with over 3 dozen details on what to do)
      • Perfect 'First Step' for those wanting to Exit the 'Closet' or Dress Feminine
      • 2 Levels of Disclosure; 8 Forms of Exposure (in addition to Self-Exposure)
      • Available in Rich Text Format (RTF), PDF, or Word Document (DOCX)
      • Tasks can be done without signing (but then without any coercion)
      • $19.99 (USD)
        • BUY Coerced Chastity Contract ←Click here for more info.
        • STANDARDIZED (Oct. 6th of 2016)
    13. Down to the Legal Minute (Beat the Cock Blackmail Contract)

      • Down to the Legal Minute - (Beat the Cock Contract)
      • Countdown-centralized Contract
      • Not for those lacking a Wristwatch!
      • Once signed, it's all about the Deadline!
      • Focused on completing certain tasks in a short time period
      • Great for veteran Thrill Seekers and experienced Adrenaline Junkies
      • NOT for Novices, nor for those having difficulty talking their way out of things
      • Available in Rich Text Format (RTF), PDF, or Word Document (DOCX) format
      • $19.99 (USD)
        • BUY Coerced Chastity Contract ←Click here for more info.
        • STANDARDIZED (Jul. 20th of 2016)
    14. Forced Transformation

      • Details coming soon
    15. Therapeutic Blackmail*

    16. "Be Bi or Buy Out!" (New Forced Bi Blackmail Contract!)

      • Forced Cock Sucking Contract
      • Centered around Coerced Man-on-Man action!!!
      • And "Yes", picture-perfect proof will have to be provided.
      • Four (4) sets of Tantalizing Tasks based on your Bottom Line
      • Not for the faint-of-heart, unless you're ready to make the Big Buyout...
      • Contains recommended Glory-Hole locations, safety precautions, and more.
      • Available in Rich Text Format (RTF), PDF, and Word Document (DOCX) file formats.
      • Only $24.99 (USD)!
        • BUY Coerced Chastity Contract ←Click here for more info.
        • STANDARDIZED (November 25th of 2016)
    17. "A Christmas Call" (A Quick Blackmail Fix on Xmas)

      • A Christmas Call Consensual Blackmail Contract
      • "The Contract where those on the Naughty List don't get Coal, their Wives get a Call!"
      • This contract is not for the Sloth, nor the Slacker, as in only 48 hours things begin.
      • Available in Rich Text Format (.rtf), PDF (.pdf) & Word Document (.doc) formats.
      • Only $12.99 (USD)!
      • BUY Coerced Chastity Contract ←Click here for more info.
        • STANDARDIZED (December 23rd of 2016)
    18. "Cuckolding Contract" (Give her what she really wants!)

      • The Contract where you either bring pleasure to her Pussy or Pussy Out! 
      • Over a Dozen Tasks to turn your bland old life into that of a Real-World CUCKOLD.
      • Available in Rich Text Format (.rtf), PDF (.pdf) & Word Document (.doc) formats.
      • Only $19.99 (USD)!
      •  ←Click here for more info.
        • STANDARDIZED (February 13th of 2017)

      • "eXposure eXtortion" (Taking Advantage of Social Media)

      • Social Media meets Sexual Mayhem in this new & unique Consensual Blackmail Contract.
      • This is an INTERNET-ONLY Contract and does NOT involve Exposures outside of Social Media Networks.
      • Upon purchase below, you will be able to view this Contract on the web, which includes an online Fill-In Form.
      • Only $19.99 (USD)!
      •  ←Click here for more info.
        • STANDARDIZED (April 13th of 2017)

XX. "Reverse Blackmail" (Making a Game out of Blackmail)

For more information on this Unique take on Consensual Blackmail, see its page here:



*(For Therapeutic Blackmail, see the "Constructive" form of Blackmail Contracts explained HERE.)

For a thorough introduction of the Erotic Extortion Fetish (Consensual Blackmail), click HERE.


  1. Hello Samantha Summers, i would like to know if this kind of dress is eligible for the sissy maid contract https://m.fr.aliexpress.com/item/32456877635.html?spm=a2g0n.shopcart-amp.item.32456877635


  2. Any plans to go beyond forced transformation, but in ways to make transformation more permanent/lasting?

    e.g. telling a few friends/having a friend outing with you dressed as female, destroying male clothing , hair removal or more?

    (I haven’t done any of your feminization/transformation contracts so sorry if I’m ignorant to what they are)

  3. Can be good in some sense and bad in other’s maybe.

  4. For anyone who thinks this isn’t real you’re wrong. I gave up a lot of information and pictures to Miss Summers and the first minute I was delinquent on a payment I was totally exposed. I mean totally exposed, full face and cock, no blurring. I thought there would be some sort of gradual cat and mouse buildup, not the case, full disclosure on day one. There’s no hiding its me, now I need to try and get my contract up to date before my name is put to my face and my little cock. Embarrassing and so exciting!

    • Therapist Summers

      My sweet silly dear… this IS gradual! Right now you are just a face on an adult-themed Twitter… with virtually “0” identifiable information. It is like having your picture on a pole in Boston. Who is going to know who in the heck you are? BUT if the post ALSO had your name, address, and/or phone number… well, that would be a whole new level of exposure! Or if I were to pair the pic with your name on Tumblr… which is crawled by google and thus if someone were to Google your name for whatever reason, they could easily come across your nude pic! Oh my!

  5. From the description, it seems that the forced transformation blackmail contract goes a step further then the forced feminization contract. But why is the title only about transformation and not feminization? And why does it only includes 12 assignments compared to the 25 from the forced feminization contract?

  6. Please email about #16

    • Therapist Summers

      Concerning your other comment of “curious about your blackmail contracts.. do you use them to Blackmail us. or are they forms that we use for others?“, my Consensual Blackmail (Erotic Extortion) Contracts specifically are Legal Agreements between myself (as the Provider) and someone such as yourself (as the Client/Participant). Blackmail (of the Legally Applicable form via Contractual Consent) is indeed involved and may be enacted in the event that the Client does not abide by the terms pertaining to the specific contract. For example, if a participant in a Chastity Contract violates Chastity information of a sensitive nature may be disclosed (exposed) on Social Media or directly to Friends, Co-Workers, or Neighbors. Thank you for your interest. If you have further questions, feel free to ask.

      • Mistress if I’m single how would I be controlled or humiliated? x

        • Therapist Summers

          Erotic Humiliation and Female Domination don’t only impact married men. Friends, Coworkers, Neighbors… Anyone who knows you, is around you, or COULD know of you (i.e. via the Internet/Social-Media) can be used as leverage to control or humiliate you. I say this out of EXPERIENCE ;-)

  7. Let me know when you are done with the “Forced Transformation” …

    it would be great if it includes your help and enforcement of getting my cherry popped into by BBC bareback, someone acquaintance 2u; a black stranger to me. he will haveall the control tthe second that blk tip goes inside. it will be forced into my holes for every inch stretching wide open hard working in that juicy black dick swelling and splitting me in half and if I cry for help, begging for it to be out , he says

    “shut up hoe, I’m going to ruin yyou andmmake you feel like I’m going to get you pregnant. take it like a good slut, work my kids out my balls and squeeze out as I throb stretchingu to get your hoe holes turned into BBC only owned 4 breeding 4eva!”

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