While often being lumped together with the another branch of the Feminization Fetish, Sissification, Bimbofication is a category & fetish all of its own. The male Bimbo Fetish tends to get lost and mixed in with Sissies due to their many similarities. But where their similarities end, their differences are just as numerous, if not more so. Usually ignored is that the male Bimbofication Fetish is the male version of female Bimbofication.


There are many fun tests out there that gauge whether or not you are a Sissy, and even what sort of Sissy are you. But one thing that was missing was a test to see if you are a Sissy or rather a Bimbo. But now there is!

An original evaluation created by Samantha Summers answers that question and to what extent you fall into either category. A 40 question exam, this Psycho-Sexual Evaluation examines your sexual desires and preferences across a broad spectrum; analyzing your physical and mental sexuality. Containing over 30 relevant explicit photos as possible answers and as questions to ponder, your arousal will likewise be scored. Delving deep into how you personally treat and view the Feminization Fetish, this test will tally how many Bimbo-specific traits are housed within you. So instead of wondering whether or not you are a Bimbofication enthusiast, come and take this exam to find out for sure.

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