Sexual Hoarding

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Noun… a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded.

Verb… amass (money or valued objects) and hide or store away.

Porn ProblemHOARDER… a person who hoards things.

Hoarding impacts millions of people throughout the world, to one extent or another. For most people who hoard, it is just another aspect of their lives and just another part of their days. As with most activities, it only becomes classified as a disorder once it gets out of hand and negatively impacts someone’s life, as in “Compulsive Hoarding” (i.e. the Hoarding Disorder). Just as a Hoarder can be hoarding virtually anything, ranging from Cash to Candles, a Compulsive Hoarder can have their hoarding disorder centered around anything to everything.

Recently, a Japanese man was discovered in VERY unfortunate circumstances[1]; unfortunate in more ways than one. The sad circumstances of his discovery also caused another discovery… his home being filled from floor to ceiling with PORN. Six Tonnes, or 12,000 lbs., of Pornographic Magazines stuffed every closet, corner, shelf & spot in his apartment.

Just as some people hoard Newspapers, and others hoard Junk Mail, there are those who hoard Sexual Items. Sexual items which may be at the center of the hoarding activity can be as varied as the items hoarded by every-day hoarders, ranging from Condoms to Cock-Cages; from piles of good old Porn Magazines to drawers filled with porn-laden Flash Drives. And just as some hoard Books to the point of being deemed a Bibliomaniac, some who hoard Erotic Material do it to the point of it being unhealthy. The Japanese man would be a prime example of such a behavior reaching problematic heights. Speaking of those teetering heights, while most people who hoard Erotic Items do so within the limits of what could be deemed as ‘healthy’, there are many who are on the brink of their tower of temptations toppling over into the real realm of a desire-driven disorder.

So, the first question is… Are YOU a Sexual Hoarder?

And, if you are, then the second question comes… Are you a COMPULSIVE Sexual Hoarder?

The good news is, there is a Test for that! Available only here at the S.S.I.

“Knowing” is the first step in the battle against Compulsive Sexual Hoarding. So it is best to find out NOW before it severely damages your Sexual Health as well as your Day-to-Day Living! Below, you can find this Psychosexual Examination, and see if you have a problem with Sexually-driven Hoarding or if you have the potential for a problem, for you wouldn’t want this issue rearing its ugly head without warning…

Are you a Sexual Hoarder?

Click the above Cover-Photo in order to obtain this Psycho-Sexual Test through Niteflirt.

Once you have obtained the SSI’s SEXUAL HOARDER TEST, you can enter the included pass code below:

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